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Executive Security International (ESI) partners with Safe-esteem on…


“Until today, and for most of the industry’s history, protection professionals had to rely on fragmented public sources or costly commercial solutions designed for different audiences and objectives,” said Bob Duggan, President and founder of ESI.

Executive Security International (ESI) and Safe-esteem announce a partnership on specialized risk assessment applications and training critical to conducting effective protective security operations.

ESI is one of the most acclaimed Executive Protection (EP) training academies in the world, and its graduates fill the ranks of celebrity bodyguards, corporate EP agents and managers, and as High Threat Protective Security Detail Protection Specialists (PSD) worldwide. Under this collaboration, ESI graduates will receive six months of cost-free access to Safe-esteem’s Travel Risk Intelligence (TRI) product suite and associated risk measurement, communication, and decision-making training.

Modern Executive Protection (EP) programs have matured beyond the narrow focus on targeted criminal attacks, which still dominate the Hollywood bodyguard image. The mission today extends to the mitigation of criminal victimization but also health, accidents, information, reputation, and logistics risks. Corporate EP programs, in particular, demand increasing data and evidence-based decision-making for travel advance and scenario planning.

With its recent release of Safe-xplore Professional, Safe-esteem has revolutionized travel risk rating products and practices by addressing multiple known shortcomings of legacy tools. This was made possible by adopting a data-driven and statistical modeling approach versus anecdotal and ordinal scales, addressing the flaw of wide geographic and demographic averaging, filling the domestic (U.S.) rating void created by Duty of Care solutions, and reducing the cost barrier that prevented most independent operators from accessing such products.

The ESI-Safe-esteem collaboration means graduates of Executive Protection programs will benefit from highly personalized traveler and location risk data for hundreds of U.S. and international cities and regions. In addition to violent crime, accidents, and health risks metrics, Safe-xplore reports also include nine risk indicators that traditionally influence the planning and conduct of protective details, such as carjacking, natural disasters, quality of law enforcement, and more.

“Until today, and for most of the industry’s history, protection professionals had to rely on anecdotal information, fragmented public sources, or costly commercial solutions designed for different audiences and objectives,” said Bob Duggan, President and founder of ESI. “Having access to Safe-esteem’s purpose-built application and data will unquestionably facilitate and elevate the value proposition of new and experienced Executive Protection operators for their customers, giving them a tangible competitive advantage.”

About Executive Security International (ESI): ESI formed an executive protection training academy in 1980. In the intervening decades, ESI introduced a concert of training modules to complement its core curriculum based on protective intelligence, preemptive intervention, and guardianship. Two of ESI’s peer programs, Protective Service Details and Corporate Security Management broaden the score of protective services, as do the shorter specialists courses in Tactical Medical Response, Surveillance Detection/Counter-Surveillance, Covert Protection, and Designated Defensive Marksman. All ESI programs are approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Vocational Division. Its curriculum is accepted as credit hours towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree by the National American University.

About Safe-esteem: Safe-esteem is a Miami-based technology startup offering cutting-edge risk measurement, communication, and decision-support products and services. Founded and led by risk mitigation industry leaders, the company recently released its Safe-xplore family of products which include the world’s first Violent Crime Risk Index for Global Cities, Safe-xplore Professional, and Safe-xplore Personal Edition.

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