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Ethereum Developers To Launch Testnet Supporting Staked ETH Withdrawals


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Ethereum Developers To Launch Testnet Supporting Staked ETH Withdrawals

Zhejiang Testnet Will Go Live Today

By Samuel Haig


Ethereum developers will launch a public testnet later today that supports Beacon Chain withdrawals, with a rehearsal of the network’s upcoming Shanghai and Capella upgrades scheduled to go live six days later.

“Once the upgrade has been triggered, you can test partial and full withdrawals as well as a few other EIPs that are included in the upgrade,” tweeted Parithosh Jayanthi, a DevOps engineer at the Ethereum Foundation.

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NFT Royalties

Blur Adopts Seaport To Sidestep OpenSea Filter

NFT Marketplace Will Enforce Royalties On Seaport Listings

By Owen Fernau

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There’s no saga in NFTs quite like the battle over royalties, the fees earned by a project’s creator when the digital assets change hands. 

In the latest chapter, Blur, the second-largest NFT marketplace by volume, seems to have figured out a way to bypass a blacklist from OpenSea, the leading NFT marketplace.

Blur has reportedly integrated a free-to-use marketplace protocol called Seaport, which OpenSea itself launched last year.

Using Seaport allows Blur users to list NFTs that have implemented OpenSea’s filters. Crucially, however, NFTs listed on Blur using the Seaport protocol include mandatory royalty fees.

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JUKE is a new digital collectibles platform built specifically for film & TV fans to celebrate the movies and shows they love! 

They’re going live on Wednesday 2/01 at 11 am PT with their officially licensed Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Dynamic Posters featuring artwork by award winning film poster artist Akiko Stehrenberger (DUNE, THE BATMAN, etc). The collectible is an original piece of art and Akiko’s first digital film poster. 

The digital collectible will also unlock the ultimate movie and TV community managed by a team of industry veterans. Utility is, of course, top of mind as JUKE just announced phygital “Connected Shirts” featuring the officially licensed artwork, available exclusively for verified token holders to purchase. They’ve partnered with Brightstream, an intelligent apparel ecosystem connecting digital to physical, to provide a unique interactive experience for the JUKE community. 

Anyone can confirm the authenticity of the shirt by bumping a built-in NFC chip embedded in a patch on the sleeve of the shirt. There will only be up to 1000 editions of the Common shirts and 200 editions of the Rare shirts made available for purchase.

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Real World Assets

Real World Assets Can Deliver DeFi’s Promise

RWA Isn’t Just a Buzzword But a Catalyst for a Decentralized Financial System

By Asad Khan

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In DeFi, “real-world assets” means many things to many people. It’s a buzzword of the future, the last bastion of hope in an apocalyptic bear market, and certainly the best way to set up your VC ticket for the next cycle.

RWA has become jargon that can mean everything, nothing, and whatever it needs to mean for marketing purposes. 

What are real-world assets really about? What really matters here? And, maybe most importantly, what does it mean for investors in the market? 

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