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EPOS adds video bar and webcam to meeting rooms roster


EPOS has bolstered its meeting rooms portfolio with the launch of the Expand Vision 5, Expand Control and Expand Vison 1.

The Expand Vision 5 video bar features powerful speakers, a wide-angle 4K camera and noise-cancelling microphones. Designed for small meeting rooms, its intelligent picture framing powered by EPOS AI dynamically adjusts to ensure everyone in the room can be seen clearly on a call, while its beamforming microphone array picks up voices crisply, minimising interference.

The device is certified for leading UC solutions including Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android (with Expand Control), RingCentral Rooms and Zoom Rooms, while its one-touch join function means that you can enjoy stress-free meetings and focus your attention on the things that will drive your business forward.  

Theis Mørk, EPOS’s vice-president for product management, said: “Workers should be equipped with meeting room solutions that help improve their performance and reduce cognitive overload, especially when spending hours in meetings day-in and day-out. Video conferencing should be a straightforward experience, free from the distractions and inconveniences caused by disjointed tech solutions. With the launch of the Expand Vision 5, we’re delivering on that vision, with a product that is designed for your brain while still being easy to use, reliable and built to last.” 

The Expand Vision 5 can be used in combination with the Expand Control tablet. Engineered for dual functionality, the tablet features a 10.1″ anti-glare screen and can be used as a meeting room controller to join meetings, adjust call settings or share content, as well as a room scheduling panel.

EPOS’s first personal webcam, the Expand Vision 1, features a 4K camera that optimises the picture based on light conditions. It also has two omni-directional microphones with noise cancelling. The device is backed by certification from leading UC solutions including Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 

A USB-C cable featuring a 90-degree angled plug allows the Expand Vision 1 to fit into small workspaces, while its integrated mounting clip is designed to fit any monitor, and its integrated lens shutter alleviates privacy concerns. 

Visit http://eposaudio.com/expand-vision-5 for further information about the Expand Vision 5 and Expand Control. 

This Post was originally published on AV Interactive

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