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Episode 40: Paul Kurtz, Iconic Cybersecurity Leader and Founder of TruSTAR


Oct 30, 2020

Paul Kurtz is an internationally recognized expert on
cybersecurity and the Co-Founder and Chairman of TruSTAR.

Paul began working on cybersecurity at the White House in the
late 1990s. He served in senior positions relating to critical
infrastructure and counterterrorism on the White House’s National
Security and Homeland Security Councils under Presidents Clinton
and Bush.

After leaving government, Paul has held numerous private sector
cybersecurity positions including founding the Cyber Security
Industry Alliance (Acquired by Tech America), Executive Director of
SAFECode, Managing Partner of Good Harbor Consulting in Abu Dhabi,
and CISO of CyberPoint International.

Paul’s work in intelligence analysis, counterterrorism, and
critical infrastructure protection has influenced his approach to

Paul believes in intelligence-centric security integration and
automation. Today he spends his time consulting security leaders
about how to manage their intelligence across tools. Paul believes
in using machine learning to help detect, triage, investigate, and
respond to events with confidence.

In this OODAcast we dive into Paul’s views on the cybersecurity
landscape today and learn more about his approach to
decision-making. We discuss a new concept he has been shepherding
in the community regarding how cyber intelligence can be optimized
for the benefit of any organization. We also extract lessons
relevant for any leader who wants to make better, more accurate and
actionable decisions in competitive environments.

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  • Source: http://listen.oodacast.com/episode-40-paul-kurtz-iconic-cybersecurity-leader-and-founder-of-trustar

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