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Episode 34: Gary Harrington on Leadership Lessons from Delta Force to the CIA


Sep 18, 2020

Gary Harrington had a distinguished career of national service
that included over three decades in top tier special operations
groups including Delta Force and then transitioning into the CIA.
Gary was one of the first to deploy into Afghanistan after 9/11 and
was at the tip of the spear in many locations including as a solo
operator in high risk venues like Yemen. Today Gary advises private
clients on approaches to maintaining security and safety in a
volatile and unpredictable world.

In this OODAcast, we dive into Gary’s career trajectory, and
lessons learned from special operations that can be applied to any
business operation or to build high-value teams. Gary shares some
interesting stories as well, demonstrating where timely decisions
and a tight OODA Loop saved his life and how he learned to trust
his gut, operate with humility and integrity, how to work with
specialized teams, and how to adapt in those instances where he
found himself operating alone.

Additional Sources:

Gary Harrington’s OODA Network Interview

Gary’s Website

What Gary is currently

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  • Source: http://listen.oodacast.com/episode-34-gary-harrington-on-leadership-lessons-from-delta-force-to-the-cia

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