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ENCE upset FaZe, Spirit come back against FURIA


The PGL Major Antwerp continued to deliver with ENCE securing their first win after a very convincing performance against tournament favorites FaZe, defeating them 16-8 on Mirage. Shortly after, it was the turn for Spirit to bring home an upset of their own, taking down FURIA after coming back from a 5-11 deficit to secure a 1-0 record in the Swiss stage.

Spinx stole the show agaisnt FaZe, accumulating a 1.68 rating on Mirage

A great T side on Mirage allowed Marco “⁠Snappi⁠” Pfeiffer and company to gain the early advantage against FaZe, taking the pistol and cruising to an early 5-0 lead. Paweł “⁠dycha⁠” Dycha played a fantastic game, but it was Lotan “⁠Spinx⁠” Giladi to shine the brightest as he finished at the top of the scoreboard with a 20-8 K-D. Finn “⁠karrigan⁠” Andersen‘s men failed to get going on the CT side and struggled to maintain a healthy economy during the 5-10 half.

Moving to the T side would not change FaZe‘s fortunes, only stealing the second pistol and two more rounds before conceding the map 8-16 following an uninspiring offensive half. Håvard “⁠rain⁠” Nygaard crucially played a poor game relative to his potential and his absence was felt by the European squad.



Meanwhile on the B stream, Spirit faced off against FURIA on Nuke. The Russian squad took the early lead after a successful pistol, but once the CT rifles came out, the Brazilians took control of the game with Yuri “⁠yuurih⁠” Santos excelling in the 10-5 half.

Despite claiming the second pistol, Andrei “⁠arT⁠” Piovezan‘s men were unable to snowball their advantage as Spirit converted a second-round force buy. From there, it was the Russians’ turn to have fun on the CT side, stringing six in a row before retaking the lead at 13-12. Pavel “⁠s1ren⁠” Ogloblin was the man to watch on the server as he recovered from a quiet T side to top the leaderboard for his team with a 23-15 K-D.



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  • Source: https://www.hltv.org/news/33802/ence-upset-faze-spirit-come-back-against-furia

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