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Disrupting Digital Experience: Everdome’s Path to Becoming #1 Metaverse


Disrupting Digital Experience: Everdome’s Path to Becoming #1 Metaverse Blockchain CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption
  • CEO of Everdome Rob Gryn aims to make Everdome the #1 metaverse.
  • Everdome promises to deliver a hyperrealistic metaverse.
  • Through continuous development and by growing its user base, Everdome is on its path to reaching its goal.

Rob Gryn, CEO of Metahero and Everdome, has made a bold statement to make Everdome the top metaverse by the end of this year. While some users have shared their doubts about this pronouncement, Gryn is confident and will strive to achieve this goal, citing that the company has yet to paint the whole picture to the public.

How will Everdome achieve this?

The Everdome Metaverse

For starters, Everdome promises to be the first hyper-realistic metaverse in the industry. It leverages the technologies of its partners, allowing users to take real-life elements, such as people and objects. Additionally, users can add creative elements limited only to their imagination.

As part of the Metahero and Wolf Digital World (WDW) ecosystem, Everdome will serve as the destination of Metahero/WDW ultra-HD avatars and real-world scanned items. Everdome will provide Metahero’s cutting-edge scanning technology an environment where it can live, interact, and flourish.

In addition, Everdome is an early adopter of Unreal Engine 5, which guarantees the building of a hyperrealistic metaverse.

With Metahero, WDW, and Everdome at their full force, users are given a fully ubiquitous web3 experience that would make it seem difficult for them to differentiate digital and physical realities.

Keeping the audience on the edge of their seats

Everdome has been making rounds on social media since last year but the development started even before that. Nevertheless, Everdome, along with its captain Gryn, never ceased to keep the community involved through updates surrounding the metaverse.

Early February, the introduction of Everdome’s token (DOME) coincided with the preview launch of the metaverse. The snippet gave the public a glimpse of what to expect inside Everdome.

Meanwhile, its native coins continue to get massive attention through ongoing trading in various exchanges.

While Everdome expands its user base through social media promotions and updates, it continues to fill up its ranks with great talent.

Last month, Everdome onboarded Leszek Orzechowski, James Grabka, and Karolina Panasiuk, who are experts in space architecture, level designing, and NFT conceptualizing, respectively. With these recent hires, Everdome is making sure that their teams consist of the best of each industry that would make the metaverse as realistic as possible.

It is still early in the year to confirm or refute Rob Gryn’s statements. Nevertheless, Everdome is already on its path to reaching its goal as the #1 metaverse. One thing is certain: the journey has begun.

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