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Dent Token Predictions 2020, 2024, 2025

Dent is a data exchange platform that was created on the Ethereum blockchain network. It has no central network like other cryptocurrencies and it allows users of Dent to purchase mobile data. Users of Dent can also share data of their own accord through a system on the platform. Smart contracts which operated on the […]



Dent is a data exchange platform that was created on the Ethereum blockchain network. It has no central network like other cryptocurrencies and it allows users of Dent to purchase mobile data. Users of Dent can also share data of their own accord through a system on the platform. Smart contracts which operated on the Ethereum network are used for storing data. In essence, Dent Token’s main function is to buy mobile data from other users on the network.

The question then becomes if the dent coin is a project with potentials. What does the price of Dent look like in the future? Get the answers to questions about Dent price prediction for the next five years.

Dent Fundamental Values

Dent is a recent and unique system that aims at developing a society of people who make use of mobile phones and also smartphones. The team of Dent project creators started with the aim of positively impacting the provision of mobile services with the token. This is to ensure that future services rendered would be in a better situation than it is right now. This is why a lot of people are buying Dent to add to their cryptocurrency wallet.

The creators of the Dent project came up with the idea of a network that allows users to sell off their mobile data to other network users. The inspiration for the Dent project came up after Cisco released a study that disclosed that $32 billion of data are purchased but 15% always remains dormant. Dent creators aim to provide a network that makes every telecom industry all over the world much more competent and inexpensive at the same time.

Technical Analysis

There is no expert on the technical analysis of Dent but there is however an aggregate of the rating of the coin by different specialists and traders on the TradingView platform

Dent Token Predictions 2020, 2024, 2025 1

Price history of the Dent token

The Dent coin was created in July and sold the same year. The Dent project was able to raise about 4.5 million dollars that year as it launched at a good price. At the time, 1 Dent was valued at $0.0005. Nevertheless, the price of Dent went down by more than 50% in just a week. The history of the Dent coin is not such a successful one.

The highest point experienced in the coin’s price was about $0.111 and it was achieved in January 2018. However, the value of the Dent coin has been decreasing since June 2019. Currently, Dent has a supply of about 100,000,000,000 and about 82,173,941,182.736 is already in circulation. Dent market cap lies at $1,928,081.799 and the current price of Dent is estimated at $0.000216.

Price Prediction for the Dent token from 2020 to 2025

The Dent current price change shocked many investors in 2019. The price change was rapid; The price of dent increased from $0.000091. Dent price went quickly up on January 1st, 2019 from $0.000001 to $0.000164 on December 31st, 2019.

Look at this if you intend to buy Dent, it is important to examine the Dent token prediction carefully and also the algorithm in the future. Maybe, it might be a good decision to invest in it for a long-term future plan.

Based on the current price, the price of Dent might be around $0.000182 by 2021. In 2022, the dent price will go up to $0.000182. In 2025, Dent might not experience much change.

There are several price predictions from different experts about the future of the price of Dent. Below are some of the viable predictions of Dent you can look forward to:

#1 Dent Token price prediction by Wallet Investor

According to Wallet Investor, Dent is a bad investment for the long term. This is because the price of the Dent coin might decrease from $0.000165 to $0.000013. The change in dent price is estimated to be at -92.360% at once. This is because the Dent crypto coin and the market it explores have been stuck in a bearish cycle for about twelve months.

The price of Dent is estimated to be $0.00122 by January 201. However, the price of dent might decrease in value to $0.000012 by 2021. By the year 2023, 1 dent will probably be valued at $0.000006. However, it is hoped that from 2024-2025, the Dent price will recover and move up to $0.000019.

#2 Dent Token Price Prediction for the next 5 years by Crypto rating

Many people who invested in the dent coin found it to be a disappointment back in 2019. This is because even though the dent price increased from 0.000001 USD at the beginning of 2019 to $0.000164 at the end of the year. It however calls for checking the algorithm for dent price prediction to see its chances in the coming years.

Dent might be a profitable investment long-term because the price change is predicted to be positive. If you’re on the look-out for a profitable venture, Dent coin might just surprise everyone. By the year 2021, the price of dent might be close to $0.000182. Based on the algorithm, there are chances dent prices might increase to $0.0002. But by the year 2025, the value of Dent will remain steady along the line of $0.000266.

#3 Dent Token Price Prediction for 5 years by Crypto Ground

Based on data gathered, investing in Dent might turn out lucrative on a long-term outlook. This means you should invest in Dent with a 5-years outlook. The algorithm used to analyze the dent price in the future indicates that the price will not experience decline in the future. The price of Dent will lie around $0.0238 by the year 2022. According to the forecast, the value of 1 dent might lay along the lines of $0.0592 by the year 2025.

#4 Price Forecast of Dent token by Trading Beast for 5 years

According to Trading Beasts, the Dent price is predicted to be around $0.0003667 at the start of September 2020 based on its current price. The highest dent price estimated is $0.0004705 while the lowest dent price estimated lies at $0.0003199. By the end of the month, Dent’s price is estimated to be $0.0002764.

By the end of 2021, the Dent price is expected to rise to $0.0004114. The price might remain steady in 2022 with little to no changes. However, 2023 comes with better prospects and the price of Dent will increase a bit to $0.0005042. Dent is therefore predicted as a bad short term investment but a good long term investment

#5 Forecast of Dent Token Price for five years by Digital Coin

If you want to buy dent, then it is a good idea as it is predicted to be a lucrative investment. Even if the Dent token price change before the year ends, Dent will rise again in the future. The price of a Dent is estimated roughly to lie at $0.00048580 in the next one year. This is three times the present Dent Price. It is still predicted to reach $0.00057506 by the year 2022 and then rise up to $0.00063523 when 2025 dawns.

Crucial issues Dent Token strives to solve

Mobile data release: The Dent projects aims to provide a data-sharing economy where users can transfer, buy, and sell data freely. The Dent marker will come to be the world currency for mobile data. Then, users can send Dent tokens to telecom providers in exchange for data.

Elimination of the price of international roaming: The aim of the project is to enable the removal of the price of data roaming and routing costs telecom service providers.

Better price for automated mobile data purchase: The Dent project will automate the purchase of data packages for users. The goal is to ensure that Dent users always get services from the most favorable operators at a reasonable price.


Can a Dent token reach $1?

At its current price, Dent token would need to increase by 500 times its present value to reach a $1 value. Since it is the only altcoin focused on the telecom market. There are tendencies of it reaching this mark in the next years. Banking on the blockchain’s control, Dent has every chance to hit its mark of $1 and even get a market price of $1 Trillion too.

Dent is a type of cryptocurrency founded by Tero Katajainen and was developed on Ethereum. Dent is trying to be the best cryptocurrency for mobile data on the platform. The DENT project is an entirely new and exclusive ecosystem that plans to create a community of mobile phone and smartphone users. The developers of the DENT project pursue this goal so that in the future, they can influence the providers of mobile services to obtain better conditions than they currently have.

How does Dent coin work?

Dent is a lot easier to use and less expensive. The Dent help makes access to the internet easier by using several projects.

Mobile users need only to send dent to telecom providers for their services. Additionally, there would be a provision data-sharing community where data users can transfer, buy, or sell data on software easily.

Why Is Dent Price Dropping?

There are only a few reasons for the drop in dent price. One of the reasons is overinflation. Dent was unveiled at a time when markets were overinflated.


The Dent developers’ initial plan brought to the financial market is providing telecom on the blockchain. Users get the opportunity to buy and sell mobile data on the dent software and also get it by watching videos on the platform.

Based on the price prediction for the future, it could be a great idea to invest in dent now that Dent’s price has fatally dropped and the company has started a massive rebranding project in order to project its goals to potential investors.

They also have an enticing data-sharing plan. It is capable of creating an interface with over 400 mobile users in more than 130 countries all over the world. It is crystal clear that this project will surely increase the price of Dent and make it more profitable for long-term investment.

New Version 1.2 of #DENT Teams released!

dent token prediction latest


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ASIC CFD Restrictions, PayPal Crypto, CFTC, USGFX ZA Move: Editor’s Pick

ICYMI: The biggest news stories of the week



In a busy week for news, let’s take a look back at the news stories that dominated the worlds of forex, fintech and crypto, in our best of the week segment.

ASIC Officially Adopts Curbs on Selling CFDs to Retail Investors

By far the biggest news story of the week was The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) officially announcing restrictions on selling contracts for difference (CFDs) to retail clients.

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Amongst a swathe of restrictions, regulated firms have now been forced to limit the leverage they can offer on currency pairs to a maximum of 30:1.

The rules also mandate negative account protection, ensuring that customers cannot lose more than their trading stake, avoiding a repeat of the debacle following the 2015 Swiss Franc collapse. Finally, the rules forbid bonuses and other incentives, whether monetary or non-monetary, that may have encouraged overtrading in recent years

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CFTC Issues Advisory Mandating New Rules for Crypto Deposits

This week, the CFTC issued an advisory expanding the notifications and reporting requirements for virtual currencies held by futures commission merchants (FCMs).

The new rules build upon the CFTC’s existing customer protection regime, as amended by Dodd-Frank, under which FCMs are required to segregate from their proprietary assets all money, securities and other assets deposited by customers. Additionally, it is intended to enhance these protections and to specifically address systemic risks posed by the nature of virtual assets that surrounded the recent hacks of crypto exchanges.

Read more on the CFTC new rules here.

PayPal to Launch Crypto Services in the ‘Coming Weeks’

As Finance Magnates reported this week, the PayPal crypto saga continues. The company officially confirmed that it will allow cryptocurrency purchasing, selling, and holding on its platform.

Although no launch date was given, PayPal stated will allow its users to pay using digital currencies to all 26 million merchants on its network by early 2021.

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The cancellation of the USGFX AFS licence follows on from the broker being ordered to enter into liquidation by the Federal Court of Australia in August.

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Tax Fraud? J5 Probes ‘100s of Accounts’ at Peter Schiff’s Euro Pacific Bank

As Finance Magnates reported this week, ‘Hundreds of accounts’ at the Puerto-Rico based Euro Pacific Bank, founded by renowned millionaire broker and Bitcoin sceptic, Peter Schiff, have been placed under international investigation in relation to allegations of tax evasion.

However, the allegations of tax-related criminal activity may not be the bank’s only issue. It was reported that “the bank’s security was also a problem,” and that “at one point, Russians tried to extort the bank for a ransom of 1000 bitcoins, worth millions of dollars.”

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Binance Bitcoin Futures Markets Clock Highest 24h Volumes as Institutions Go Long



With bitcoin’s latest rally beyond the $13,000 mark, it seems like the next bull market is here. It can be seen from BTC markets that have been on fire for the last 7 days, including derivatives. The latest data shows that bitcoin futures markets on Binance have clocked the highest 24h BTC futures volumes amongst all platforms. This comes amid the exchange registering $760 million in open interest.

Binance Experiences Explosive Bitcoin Futures Market Action

Bitcoin rallied beyond $13,000, galvanizing every BTC related market along the way, including the futures market on Binance.

As per the latest data from crypto market analytics firm Skew, the exchange logged the highest 24h bitcoin futures volume amongst all BTC derivative trading platforms.

Binance Clocks Highest 24h Bitcoin Futures Volume, Source: Skew

This is coming after the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange registered heavy futures trading traffic as open interest (OI) jumped 30 percent to $150 million in just 2 days from October 19 to October 21. Binance’s current OI figure stands at $760 million.

Skew’s data also shows that Binance hosted the highest aggregated daily bitcoin futures volumes on October 21. The cumulative figure was $32 billion that day, out of which Binance’s share was $8.3 billion. But at $3.3 billion, Binance still has the highest aggregated futures volumes.

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BTC Futures Market Metrics On Other Platforms Are Booming As Well

With bitcoin’s recent week-long upside correction, traders using other platforms are mainly interested in BTC futures. Skew’s observations from October 20 show that there has been a 54 percent appreciation in 24h Futures and Swap Volumes on Huobi.

Compared to bitcoin, only ether (ETH) has experienced a 30 percent surge in volumes. And that’s not all. Bitcoin futures open interest on institutional platform CME rose to $784 million today. This has added nearly 1500 contracts to the already bubbling CME BTC futures roster, scheduled for expiry by the end of this month.

But how are these futures traders on CME actually betting on bitcoin?

Institutions Are Going Long While Hedge Funds Are Busy Shorting

Skew did a deep inspection of the above spike of bitcoin futures open interest on the CME, and the firm concluded that bets are mainly coming from institutions and hedge funds. The former is more optimistic about bitcoin price rallying further in the near term, as opposed to hedge funds who have record short bets on BTC. The same is visible from the Commitment of Trader (COT) numbers displayed in the chart below:

Amidst all the above-market activity, the aggregated open interest for bitcoin futures for all platforms sharply rose to $5 billion and has since remained the same.


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Bitcoin Price Could Triple Even After a Modest Switch From Gold, JP Morgan Says



Despite having a complicated past, it seems that JP Morgan’s love for Bitcoin is growing every day thanks to its potential as an investment and store of value.

In a recent report, the American bank shared with its investors an analysis of Bitcoin’s current situation and possible future scenarios regarding prices and fundamental value. The bank explained that under the current conditions, Bitcoin has a good chance of increasing its price.

JP Morgan Believes Bitcoin Could be an Alternative to Gold

JP Morgan believes that investors could switch from gold to bitcoin as a way to diversify their portfolio and having another uncorrelated storage of value. This is especially important for those who don’t want to depend exclusively on gold when it comes to diversify their risk exposure:

“Even a modest crowding out of gold as an ‘alternative’ currency over the longer term would imply doubling or tripling of the bitcoin price.

The report also adds that adoption is key to increasing Bitcoin’s perceived utility, and therefore, its price. They explain that it is necessary to observe a more significant number of “economic agents” accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in order to talk about a historical price appreciation scenario.

This is not far from reality. In fact, bitcoin is increasing acceptance by large economic agents (which seems to prove JP Morgan’s thesis). The recent rise in prices from $10,500 to the current $13,110 began after the payment processor Square announced a $50 million investment in Bitcoin.

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PayPal’s announcement to support the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency -BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC for now- also further catalyzed the crypto markets’ bullish sentiment.

A Generational Thing

JP Morgan also assures that Bitcoin’s acceptance within the global financial culture goes through a cultural or generational context. As boomers leave the market and millennials take a more prominent position, Bitcoin and other digital tokens become more relevant in the investment world.

“The potential long-term upside for bitcoin is considerable as it competes more intensely with gold as an ‘alternative’ currency we believe, given that Millenials would become over time a more important component of investors’ universe.”

However, this assertion must be taken with a pinch of salt since studies reveal that Gen Z -the Millenials’ offspring- are not as enthusiastic about the use of crypto, opting for alternatives involving the digitalization of fiat money.

Jp Morgan believes Bitcoin could be largely adopted, but GenZers think otherwise
Gen Zers are not really into Bitcoin. Image: Business Insider

JP Morgan’s statements show the bank’s ability to adapt to new market trends, which is also characteristic of PayPal. Just two years ago, the bank’s CEO said Bitcoin was “worse than tulip bulbs” while PayPal’s CEO referred to Bitcoin in the same way:

“Bitcoin is the greatest scam in history. It’s a colossal pump-and-dump scheme, the likes of which the world has never seen.

Bitcoin is having a good time, with many models anticipating potential upward behavior over the next few months. The most controversial and discussed one, the stock-to-flow model, predicts that Bitcoin could reach $1 million by around 2026.


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