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DeepMind Founder: Interactive and Animated AI to Top ChatGPT


The current wave of generative AI tools like ChatGPT will soon be surpassed by “interactive artificial intelligence”, according to AI pioneer Mustafa Suleyman.

Mustafa Suleyman, co-founder of DeepMind and founder of Inflection, has hinted that the next big thing after generative AI will be Interactive AI, which can do much more than what generative AI chatbots can do. An Interactive AI bot will have the ability to communicate with other software to get tasks done.

Gen-AI just a phase

In a recent conversation with MIT Technology Review’s Will Douglas, Suleyman said generative AI is only a phase that will soon lead to something much better.

He talked about AI waves, from generative AI, which is the present wave, to the next one, which will be interactive.

“The third wave will be the interactive phase. That’s why I’ve bet for a long time that conversation is the future interface,” he said.

“You know, instead of just clicking on buttons and typing, you’re going to talk to your AI,” he added.

In the next wave, “AIs will be able to take actions. You will just give it a general, high-level goal, and it will use all the tools it has to act on that. They’ll talk to other people, talk to other AIs,” he said, adding that this will be a huge shift in what technology will be able to accomplish.

While technology may be static today, Suleyman insinuated that the world might be witnessing a “very profound moment” in the history of technology, which many people may underestimate.

Suleyman has already founded a new billion-dollar company, Inflection, which has personnel from the likes of OpenAI, Meta, and DeepMind.

The $1.5 billion investment into Inflection, which is also backed by tech giant Nvidia, seeks to develop the next best chatbot powered by interactive AI, which is what Suleyman believes to be the future of AI chatbots.

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Not so ‘spicy’ chatbot

He and his team have already released their own ChatGPT-like chatbot known as Pi, which they say is polite as compared to the other popular AI chatbots available today.

According to Suleyman, the Pi chatbot is immune to jailbreak attacks and has urged users to try for themselves, noting that his team has worked tirelessly to make sure that their chatbot is not as ‘spicy’ as the competitors’ versions.

While discussing the issue of Interactive AIs, which would have somewhat more freedom, the issue of boundaries still remains important and Suleyman highlighted how the regulation of AI is being handled at an international level as well as micro-levels.

He also talked about how people are assuming the worst, yet he believes that AI regulation is very much possible. The tech guru joined Google, where he led a team that was working on AI policy. This was after he left DeepMind.

“I think everybody is having a complete panic that we’re not going to be able to regulate this. It’s just nonsense. We’re totally going to be able to regulate it,” he said.

AI regulation has been a topical subject the world over, with stakeholders debating the best way to regulate the sector in a way that promotes innovation but is not harmful to society.


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