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Why is Mobile Security Integral In Modern Era?


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Times have changed and what used to be luxury is now a necessity for most people. Computers have evolved from the huge machines of the 50’s and 60’s to portable devices such as tablets and smartphones now used to accomplish day-to-day tasks with ease. And, when you do surfing, gaming, banking and chatting on your mobile phone, it’s obvious that Mobile Security becomes an integral part. Knowing the most common threats that might affect a mobile device, methods to prevent them and safeguard your privacy will allow you to enjoy this modern day technology without a fuss.

Besides individual users, corporates have adopted the trend as well to simplify communications and increase productivity. Important data is now being increasingly transferred through the internet. With increasing usage of mobile phones and tablets, it isn’t surprising to see an equally prominent surge in phishing scams, malware and malicious traps designed to compromise private information.

The Vulnerable Side of Mobility

There are plenty of reasons that mobiles are increasingly vulnerable. But you can keep it safe by being aware of Mobile Security.

Criminals may lack physical access, but connected devices are readily accessible over the network if security measures are not in place. Sensitive and confidential data may get compromised easily if the user is naive.

A device can be lost or stolen at the most unexpected moment. If important data found in it is not encrypted, it can be instantly accessed by the intruder.

Despite an increase in the number of well-informed users, Many users are still unaware of their devices functionality and are often ignorant of ways to secure them.

Mobile malware is on the rise. Free apps are found to be the major platform for malware distribution, hidden spyware, phishing and background processes.

Secure Your Mobiles – The Right Way

Users can secure their mobiles with the right practices and reliable anti-malware tools designed for such devices.

  • Always use password protected access control
  • Keep important files in encrypted format and secured with pass codes
  • Avoid using public wireless access unless if absolutely necessary
  • Be aware of free app downloads. Stick to trusted vendors
  • Keep your OS updated and backup data periodically
  • Install device tracking apps and automatic data removal, in case if it gets stolen

Most importantly, opt for mobile antivirus software from a reputed vendor. The mobile security solution will scan your device to identify hidden threats instantly and remove malware infection. Comodo mobile security solutions are reliable, complete and offer excellent protection for all your mobile devices.

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