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Cyber Security for Law Firms Critical to Meet Ethical, Regulatory, and…


Cyber Security for Law Firms

Law firms make a particularly attractive target for cybercriminals. They store confidential and highly sensitive data for numerous clients and represent a possible access path into the networks of their more secure clients.

A NYC area cyber security consultant and managed services provider (MSP) promotes cyber security for law firms in a new article. The informative article first cites the ethical, contractual, and regulatory responsibilities a law firm has to protect its clients’ data.

The author then asserts that law firm data breaches can exact a heavy toll on firms, including fines, loss of reputation, loss of billable hours, and ransoms paid. He then challenges firms to commit to cyber security best practices, starting with a risk assessment. He then urges that firms draft and enforce an acceptable use policy, build an incident response plan, implement endpoint security, and reinforce access controls. He concludes by discussing data and device encryption and encourages regular security awareness training.

“Law firms make a particularly attractive target for cybercriminals,” stated Almi Dumi, CISO, eMazzanti Technologies. “They store confidential and highly sensitive data for numerous clients and represent a possible access path into the networks of their more secure clients.”

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Cyber Security for Law Firms Critical to Meet Ethical, Regulatory, and Contractual Responsibilities and Prevent Costly Breaches.”

Ethical, Regulatory and Contractual Responsibilities

“The American Bar Association Model Rules specify that lawyers use “competent and reasonable measures” to protect client data on technology. They also require that attorneys communicate with clients about the use of technology and obtain informed consent. And they mandate that attorneys supervise both staff and service providers to ensure security compliance.”

Law Firm Data Breaches Prove Costly

“While ransom demands have risen to staggering heights, the consequences of law firm data breaches extend beyond possible ransoms. For example, in 2016 the law firm Moses Afonso Ryan Ltd. suffered a ransomware attack that locked down crucial files for three months. That meant the firm could not access important financial information or bill clients.”

“Other costs of a data breach include legal fines incurred, as well as the loss of billable hours. The firm may need to replace hardware or software and pay to upgrade security tools and repair damage. More difficult to quantify, but arguably more costly, is the damage to the firm’s reputation and the loss of client and public trust.”

Commit to Cyber Security Best Practices

“The ABA technology surveys show that more than one out of every four practices have already experienced a data breach. Common cyber threats faced by law firms include phishing attacks, ransomware, sensitive data leaks, cyber security malpractice allegations and attacks on remote devices.”

Cyber Security Resource for Law Firms

The legal cyber security consultants at eMazzanti Technologies understand the challenges law firms face. Beginning with a risk assessment, they help firms build a security strategy tailored to their needs and budget.

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