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Cyber security: criminals attack crypto platforms hosted by GoDaddy


Cyber security: criminals attack crypto platforms hosted by GoDaddy Blockchain, Featured, Home CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption
  • Crypto businesses hosted on GoDaddy suffers a cyber security attack 
  • Security breaches of this nature are now common in the crypto industry 

Crypto businesses using popular hosting site GoDaddy have had their platforms attacked by hackers for the best part of the last one week. This was made known by KrebsOnSecurity, a renowned security researcher who had previously worked with The Washington Post newspaper.

KrebsOnSecurity stated that the first attack began around 13th of November. And the first platform to be attacked was Liquid. Liquid is a cryptocurrency trading platform.

The CEO of Liquid, Mike Kayamori, accused GoDaddy of wrongly transferring control of their domain to the hacker. This resulted in the breach of the cyber security of their platform.

Kayamori went on to note that this breach resulted in the hacker having control over some internal e-mail accounts of the firm. He also noted that the hacker was partially able to access stored document on liquid.com.

NiceHash, a crypto mining service provider, also discovered that they were victims of a cyber security breach. The crypto firm noticed that some its domain settings record had been tampered with. The company also got to know that the traffic for its email and web were being redirected. 

In response to this cyber security attack, NiceHash decided to temporarily freeze all of their customers’ fund for 24 hours to prevent any theft from the attacker. The firm went on to advice their customers to change their passwords and also implement a 2 factor verification process on their account.

Cyber security attacks are rising in the crypto industry

This attack on GoDaddy is not the only one in recent memory. Twitter recently suffered a massive cyber security attack in which accounts of top people with massive followings on the site was hacked.

The hacker was able to use this attack to be swindle unsuspecting followers of those accounts. 

President Trump’s re-election campaign website was also hacked by cyber criminals who requested for private crypto token, Moreno, from the public.

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