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Crypto Whales are Stocking Up on These Altcoins – Find Out Why


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Investors in 2023 are looking more towards crypto with utilities. Seeing beyond the tradability of an asset, investors now want to invest in cryptocurrencies that back technologies with long-term gains. Whales are the first ones to notice – and they have already started to stock up on these altcoins.

What Is The Hype With Altcoins?

You may have come across instances where people became millionaires by investing in Bitcoin and wished it happened with you too. Well, that’s history. It’s almost impossible for people today to make exponential gains with Bitcoin, given its large market cap and high entry price. And this is where altcoins make an entrance. 

Altcoins enable investors to make outsized returns, thanks to their low market cap and minimal entry price. Whales, in particular, are quite fond of such projects as they enable them to acquire a significant chunk of a project for relatively less capital. On the other hand, retail investors, to aren’t any less excited for such coins as they’re normally known to offer at least 10x return and on occasions, more than 100x. 

It’s tough to receive such returns with more flagship coins; therefore, investors are constantly looking for new projects to which they can allot a part of their portfolio. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at five such projects that are currently undergoing a presale and don’t seem to slow down anytime soon. 

Top Altcoins To Invest In Right Now 

1. Meta Masters Guild 

Meta Masters Guild, a play-to-earn gaming platform, has raised a significant amount of funds in its presale, reaching over $1.42 million in a short period of time. 

Meta Masters Guild NFT Drop

Meta Masters Guild NFT Drop

The presale, with a total of seven stages, is approaching its fourth stage, where the cost of one MEMAG token will increase from $0.013 to $0.0235. However, it is expected that the price of the token will rise much higher than this once the platform launches on exchanges and gains more users. 

The platform plans to launch a range of mobile-based games in the third quarter of the year. The presale will end with one MEMAG token costing $0.023, representing a 76.9% increase over its current sale price. 

MEMAG tokens will be used for governance, staking, and the purchasing of items and NFTs, and will have a total maximum supply of 1 billion, which could make it deflationary if demand increases. The platform’s focus on creating games that are fun and rewarding on an entertainment level is expected to create a lasting and vibrant community of gamers.

2. Fight Out

Fight Out is a new cryptocurrency project that combines fitness and blockchain technology to track and reward individuals for reaching their fitness goals. The project aims to provide essential fitness programs that improve users’ strength, cardio, mental fortitude, and endurance. 

Fight Out NFT Drop

Fight Out NFT Drop

The move-to-earn platform is flexible, meeting the fitness needs of users at home with available equipment or at nearby Fight Out gyms for more intensive workouts. One of the best features is the personalized exercise experience provided, which is much better than traditional gyms. 

Users can choose when and how they exercise, with high-quality instructional videos from world-class athletes. Fight Out also enables users to have a personalized workout routine and goal to improve their fitness and perform other physical activities. Being a move-to-earn project, it will reward users with FGHT and REPS tokens, and make exercising more enjoyable with links to the metaverse. 

The team is committed to building 20 gyms around the world initially where the community can exercise together, with the first one scheduled to open in 2023. The Fight Out presale is currently ongoing, with a bonus of up to 50% token for those who participate.

3. C+Charge

C+Charge is an innovative EV charging platform that utilizes blockchain technology to make the charging process for electric vehicles more convenient and efficient. By using this platform, EV owners can easily locate nearby charging stations, reserve a time slot, and receive reminders to charge their vehicles. 

C+Charge most sustainable crypto

C+Charge most sustainable crypto

The platform incorporates a peer-to-peer system for payment transactions and offers real-time information on charging costs. Additionally, C+Charge has a partnership with Flowcarbon, which allows users to earn carbon credits and rewards as sustainable cryptocurrency through the platform. This groundbreaking feature encourages EV drivers to contribute positively towards the environment, while also receiving incentives for their efforts. 

C+Charge’s EV Charging Platform is a perfect example of how blockchain technology can be put into action in the real world to create a more sustainable future. Investors can participate in the presale of CCHG tokens currently live on the website, where one token is available for 0.0165 USDT and the project has successfully raised close to $400k so far. 

4. Calvaria 

Calvaria is an upcoming blockchain card game that is nearing the end of its presale. In the game, players compete in tournaments using unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing in-game characters and employ complex strategies to win rewards in the form of eRIA tokens. The game also allows players to have complete control over their in-game assets, which can be monetized in the Calvaria NFT marketplace. 



Calvaria is available in two modes, play-to-earn (P2E) and free-to-play (F2P), with P2E mode offering more features such as the ability to sell and upgrade NFT cards. The game’s token, RIA, is a proof-of-stake coin that can be staked for more tokens and is the primary channel for buying and selling NFTs within the game. The presale of RIA has raised $2.98 million so far and only 4% of tokens are available for purchase.

5. RobotEra 

RobotEra is a metaverse project where players take on the role of robots tasked with rebuilding a decimated world. Players acquire resources from the virtual land and use them to craft a new world for themselves, with concept and ideation fully in the hands of the players. 

RobotEra NFT presale

RobotEra NFT presale

Each player’s robot is a unique non-fungible token (NFT) with intrinsic value based on its traits. The project also allows for the creation of parallel and real-world-like experiences, such as visiting a museum or hosting events. 

The project’s native token TARO has raised over $758,000 in its first presale stage, with each token available to purchase for 0.01727 USDT. RobotEra is set to lead the metaverse era with its upcoming metaverse-building game, its user-friendly interface and intriguing virtual and augmented reality elements.

All the presale projects mentioned in this article are special in their own way, as every project has a distinct utility and targets a different market. With that being said, it’s best for investors to do their own research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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