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Crypto Lemurs Story


2021 has been the year of new technologies and the announcement of the metaverse, it was also the year of NFTs since everyone is now talking about Non-Fungible Tokens of all shapes and sizes has flooded the market, taking advantage of block-chain to preserve uniqueness and ownership.

For gamers, Cryptolemurs might just be one of the most exciting upcoming NFT projects in which to invest. It’s a handcrafted-random NFTs collection including 7,777 unique and programmatically generated NFTs built on ethereum blockchain.

Each lemur is created and generated using over 100 individual drawn and crafted traits and characters: expression, headwear, clothing, accessories and more.

Crypto Lemurs Story Blockchain CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption


The presale

The presale will take place at March 31st, 2022, 3pm EST. There will be 1,500 spots in the presale, all the whitelisted members will have the guarantee of minting one Crypto Lemur, During pre-sale, our Whitelisted members will be guaranteed to mint five (5) Crypto Lemurs at a price of 0.07 ETH + gas fees. You will have 24 hours to mint your 5 Crypto Lemurs.

Public mint

Then the official public mint price will be at 0.14 ETH + gas fees, starting on April 1st, 2022, 3 PM EST. There will be a limit of 5 Crypto Lemurs per transaction, and a maximum of 10 Crypto Lemurs per wallet.

ROADMAP: $500,000+ in GIVEAWAYS !!

Enjoy the trip with us, our roadmap was created based on our team and our community vision.

1st Quarter 10% First things first

2nd Quarter 25%: Who’s ready for a giveaway?

Since most of our community members are gamers we will give away a full gaming setup including:

We will be also giving away a full crypto miner for SHA-256 or ETHASH.

3rd Quarter 50%: Recognition time

4th Quarter 75%: get ready for the end

5th Quarter 100%: Finally there

The team behind the great work

As a team of CryptoLemurs we believe that conserving nature and helping endangered animals is our responsibility, that’s why we will be offering and donating portions of our incomes to https://www.worldwildlife.org/ and other non-profitable organization for endangered animals, our team members are fully believing that, and they’re working hard for that purpose.

He’s the founder and the marketing manager of CryptoLemurs, he does all the marketing end communication work for the collection.

CryptoLemurs designer, the one who drawn and crafted all these beautiful creatures and traits.

The genius behind the coding and programming of those lovely Lemurs, he programmatically generated 7,777 unique NFTs from a different type of traits.

Get yours Now

To get your CryptoLemur NFTs, joins our community on Discord server! And reserve your place, but make sure you already have an account on opensea.io and you have some ethereum in your wallet so you can mint your own CryptoLemurs when it’s announced.

And stay up to date with news and events on what’s happening with Crypto Lemurs.

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