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Crypto.com App Now Supports Buying Cryptocurrencies Securely Through Apple Pay


Crypto.com App Now Supports Buying Cryptocurrencies Securely Through Apple PayCrypto.com App Now Supports Buying Cryptocurrencies Securely Through Apple Pay

We are thrilled to share the news that users of the Crypto.com App may now make purchases of cryptocurrency using Apple Pay rapidly and safely.

What exactly is Apple Pay, then?

Within the Crypto.com App, customers can acquire cryptocurrency via the use of this payment option, which is quick, simple, and safe. The fees and trading limitations now in place for credit and debit card purchases of cryptocurrencies will not change.

How does it work?

Using Apple Pay inside the Crypto.com iOS app on your iPhone enables you to make purchases within the app in a streamlined and safe manner. Apple Wallet on the iPhone requires users to enter their credit or debit card before they can use this function. Users can use Apple Pay to make cryptocurrency purchases in the Crypto.com app as soon as they have added their bank card to Apple Wallet. Apple Pay is a fast and secure method of payment.

How can I make purchases with Apple Pay for cryptocurrency?

1. Open the Crypto.com app and choose Trade from the homepage menu.
2. Select a cryptocurrency to purchase by tapping the Buy button.
3. Select Apple Pay from the Cash menu, then hit the Buy button again.
4. Select the checkbox to indicate that you agree to pay the processing charge of 2.99 percent for card purchases, and click the Continue button.
5. Use your fingerprint, Face ID, or passcode to finish the transaction by tapping the Confirm button.

When the transaction is completed, the user’s Crypto Wallet balances will be adjusted appropriately, and they will also be able to view their transaction history inside the app. This will happen once the purchase is finished. Start the Crypto.com app or head to our Help Centre to learn more about the function.

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