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Crypto App Tezro Launches ‘Escrow’ Feature To Lock Transactions


  • Crypto app Tezro has announced its latest features.
  • Users can buy and sell, chat, and access crypto exchange and DeFi features.
  • The app aims to unveil limited NFT Tezro t-shirts in the future.

Crypto app Tezro has released details on its latest features. Tezro is a crypto app that offers users access to an instant messaging platform, eCommerce, and money transfer.

Apart from the messaging platform, some of Tezro’s most popular features include the ability to make payments and transactions in fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the DeFi feature enables users to invest in different currencies on Uniswap2 and Uniswap3 using Tezro AI. Users can then monitor the investment’s progress until its maturity date.

One of Tezro’s newest features is “Escrow”. Using this feature, customers can send funds, but only release them once they receive the proper documents related to the transfer. The transaction will be sent to the client account, but will remain blocked under the escrow system.

Users can release the funds to the client at any time. In the event that there’s a dispute between the parties involved in the transaction, users can click on the ‘Dispute’ button. This will commence an independent arbitration process that will consider the dispute, taking into consideration evidence from legal authorities, documents from all parties, and/or photo and video reports. The Escrow funds will be released to the winner of the dispute.

Tezro also boasts of numerous other capabilities such as the access to new cards (both Visa and Mastercard), eCommerce, blockchain NFT auction system, and even a loan app. To date, Tezro also released six new coins and the firm’s future plan includes releasing limited NFT Tezro t-shirts. Interestingly, users will be able to get cash with every NFT Tezro t-shirt they buy.

In short, the Tezro app is a crypto wallet, e-commerce payment solution, and financial instant messenger all rolled into one. These features make Tezro a promising platform that aims to deliver the best of all worlds to its clients.   

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  • Source: https://coinquora.com/crypto-app-tezro-launches-escrow-feature-to-lock-transactions/

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