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Connecting the dots on $PAW. Is Ryoshi back?


In the last 10 days, there have been several events that caused people to speculate about what’s really happening behind the scenes with PAW – the DEX of Shibarium. Let’s walk through each connection and clue and piece everything together. All links are accompanied by a screenshot of that link.

The Deployer

The deployer wallet was funded by what looks to be an OG xFUND team member:

xFUND is an OG project with connections to Shiba Inu and its upcoming Shibarium launch. See the following news articles about Unification, Shib and xFUND:


This one involves multiple steps to fully understand but the path is there for us to follow. Etherscan tells all and the clues lead straight to Shytoshi buying $PAW more than once.

First, Shytoshi’s tweet about the wallet in question and the Etherscan link:

This wallet tweeted by Shytoshi himself sent 2,000,000,000 Shib (approximately $25,000 worth) to 0x8b4dC1f900307294257F3EC3605F58c4941Bc945.

This wallet (wallet X let’s call it) first bought $PAW 4 days ago on January 21st and again today on January 25th:

First buy:

Second buy:

Now, Sandra Kusama is supporting $PAW on twitter.

This is significant because she is obviously known by and in touch with Shytoshi, as he wished Sandra a happy birthday on twitter:


Last, but certainly not least, a tweet by @elitehunterdude on twitter has sparked some speculation that Ryoshi could be make a comeback with PAW. These screenshots could be showing us Ryoshi himself making a come back after such a long hiatus and would explain the mysterious connections $PAW has with xFUND, Shib, and Shytoshi:

Ryoshi, is that you?

First, we saw the release of $PAW on the 16th of January. Since then, it has been gained exponential support rapidly. Most significantly in the last two days.

The involvement of wallets associated with Shytoshi into PAW – via known Etherscan links can only is not just larp – it is cold hard evidence. The $PAW developers know how important this project has become in terms of its potential and they are very clearly recruiting old friends to reach this potential.

The recent spike in price action by PAW – and its potential to hit new highs – may be due to those in the know buying up large amounts of the token in preparation for a Shibarium announcement. No matter how you see it, if you know who created PAW and why they did so (or at least what their intentions were), then you can make some educated guesses about where $PAW will go from here.

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