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Coinbase Expands in Spain: Reflecting Broader European Crypto Growth


Coinbase, a major player in the cryptocurrency arena, has marked another milestone in its global ambitions. The firm has now secured registration as a cryptocurrency exchange and custodian wallet provider with the Bank of Spain. With this Anti-Money Laundering (AML) license, Coinbase can roll out its complete services to retail and institutional clientele in Spain, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Coinbase’s breakthrough in Spain is a continuation of its global expansion strategy. Over the last year, the company has successfully obtained Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) licenses in various countries, including Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Moreover, it has commenced operations in nations like Singapore, Brazil, and Canada, underscoring its dedication to regulatory adherence and international growth.

In Spain and other territories, Coinbase emphasizes a multifaceted approach: securing necessary licenses, tailoring its offerings to local demands, establishing regional partnerships, and reinforcing its local footprint.

Spain’s enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies is palpable. A significant 29% of its adult population views digital currencies as the financial future. Cryptos have even edged out conventional bank transfers in a telling trend, becoming Spain’s second-favorite payment mechanism. A Bitnovo survey revealed that a majority (60.7%) of Spaniards perceive cryptocurrencies as a sound long-term investment, with over a third showing interest in using them for transactions.

Furthermore, Spain’s crypto ecosystem is buzzing, boasting 178 blockchain-centric startups in the finance sector. The surge in demand for blockchain expertise further signifies Spain’s acute interest in this disruptive technology.

Adding to this conducive environment is the recent endorsement of the Markets in Crypto-Assets (MiCA) framework by the European Union. MiCA ushers in a more evident regulatory landscape for cryptos across the EU. This framework spotlights the EU’s proactive approach towards leveraging novel tech and offers a benchmark for global regulatory endeavours.

Coinbase’s alignment with the Bank of Spain reinforces its commitment to the Spanish market and resonates with the overarching trend of rising crypto acceptance and curiosity in the region.

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