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ClearDAO DeFi Derivatives Factory Lists On KuCoin

Singapore, Singapore, 7th January, 2022, Chainwire ClearDAO announced its project token CLH will list on KuCoin on Jan 7th 13:00

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ClearDAO DeFi Derivatives Factory Lists On KuCoin Blockchain CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption

Singapore, Singapore, 7th January, 2022, Chainwire

ClearDAO announced its project token CLH will list on KuCoin on Jan 7th 13:00 UTC. The CLH/USDT trading pair will become available to users of the exchange. ClearDAO is the first KuCoin Spotlight project of 2022. 

ClearDAO has raised 3 million dollars in seed and private sales. Strategic investors include Huobi Ventures, LD Capital, KuCoin Labs, WOO Ventures,, Redline DAO, VRM, StillWater Research and others. 

ClearDAO is building a decentralized crypto derivatives factory to provide developers with SDK and tools to accelerate the development of crypto derivatives and marketplaces. To date, the project has completed the template development of options, notes, perpetual futures, and CDS. The project has a multi-blockchain strategy and already supports Ethereum, BSC, Solana and Arbitrum.  

Compared to traditional finance, the derivatives sector in the crypto industry is in its infancy. The 3 major pain points are:

  1. Lack of derivative variety.
  2. Absence of risk management.
  3. No derivatives for new asset classes such as NFTs. 

As DeFi matures and institutions embrace crypto, ClearDAO believes the market share of derivatives will increase for the foreseeable future. By enabling developers to create bespoke derivatives and lowering the barrier of entry, ClearDAO is accelerating the growth of the derivatives sector. 

User experience is a core focus at ClearDAO. The project has launched a proof-of-concept barrier trading marketplace on several testnets a month ago. Since then, over 3000 participants have tried the marketplace and provided user feedbacks. ClearDAO aims to provide a clean and simple user interface so users can intuitively complete the trades they wish to execute.  

According to project roadmap, ClearDAO will launch the Clear SDK v1.0 in Q1 of 2022. In the same quarter, the project will kick off developer program to provide promising dev teams with technical support, funding and marketing resources. The ClearDAO ecosystem will consist of multiple derivatives exchanges run by multiple teams, offering users with very different types of derivative products. 

CLH/USDT trading pair is now live on KuCoin and

About ClearDAO 

ClearDAO is tackling the DeFi derivatives space by building the infrastructure for customizable derivatives. The Clear SDK provides templates and tools that enable developers and traders to easily create options, notes, futures, and swaps and launch marketplaces to facilitate the trading of these products. We are building a multi-chain ecosystem where member exchanges offer unique derivative products, all powered by ClearDAO.

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The post has appeared first on

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