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Cardano Sets New Industry Standard With Over 5 Years of Uninterrupted Uptime


Bears Spell Doom For Cardano as Price Slips to 21-Month Low — Wen ADA Bull Run?

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Cardano, the decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain, is again making headlines, this time for achieving an impressive milestone of over five years of uninterrupted uptime.

The news of Cardano’s remarkable uptime was brought to the forefront by a Twitter user named “TGK,” who took to social media to share the achievement. According to the pundit’s tweet, Cardano boasts an impeccable uptime record of precisely 2,174 days, equivalent to an astonishing 5.95 years without a single instance of downtime.

In his tweet, Dave emphasized the resilience of Cardano, stating, “Built to last, an uptime the largest service providers in the world cannot and will never come close to challenging.” This sentiment resonates with Cardano enthusiasts worldwide, who have come to rely on the platform’s unwavering stability.

Cardano’s exceptional track record in maintaining continuous uptime can largely be attributed to its status as one of cryptocurrency’s most actively developed blockchain networks. Earlier this week, on-chain analytics firm Santiment ranked Cardano among the top ten most developed chains over the past 30 days.

Cardano secured the third position on this list, trailing only the Polkadot and Kusama networks. Notably, the so-called “Ethereum killer” garnered an impressive 3871 GitHub commits in the last 30 days, showcasing the community’s dedication to ongoing development.

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Cardano enthusiasts have more reasons to be excited as the blockchain hints at upcoming releases. After the release of Mithril, a stake-based signature protocol designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of node syncing in late July, the community is now looking forward to Midnight.

Earlier this week, Cardano’s Input Output Global (IOG) unveiled an exciting announcement regarding the forthcoming launch of Midnight, a privacy-focused sidechain set to debut on the DevNet in the near future.

Cardano’s Web3 wallet, Lace, is also poised for significant advancements. The recent release of version 5.3.0 for Daedalus, a wallet closely integrated with Cardano, brings support for the new Project Catalyst registration process and enhances the stability of the exchange rate conversion feature. These updates demonstrate Cardano’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

That said, Cardano’s exceptional accomplishments over the last half-decade have positioned it as a trailblazer, setting unprecedented benchmarks for stability and performance within the crypto industry. With exciting developments on the horizon, the prospects for ADA’s price recovery exceptionally well in the next bull run are exceedingly promising.

At press time, the cryptocurrency traded at $0.246 after a 0.49% drop over the past 24 hours.


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