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Building Blocks Event for Web3 Startups Declared for ETH TLV With Collider, Fireblocks, and MarketAcross


The web3 builder-focused event Building Blocks 23 will take place on February 7, 2023, in the heart of Tel Aviv. The one-day Building Blocks event, which is being hosted by leading Israeli firms as part of ETH TLV, will bring together Ethereum developers and communities.

Throughout ETH TLV, a number of seminars, panel discussions, and informal events will be held all across Tel Aviv. The Building Blocks 23 organizers Collider, Fireblocks, and MarketAcross will educate attendees on how to build a web3 company that is profitable in collaboration with StarkWare.

“On the global stage, Tel Aviv plays an out-sized role in innovative startups with proven track records,” said Idan Ofrat, Co-founder and CTO at Fireblocks. “With the emergence of web3, we are excited to co-host Building Blocks 23 and to support the city’s forward-thinking startup culture, bringing together the best collective experiences and insights that the country has to offer.”

During the course of a whole day, participants in Building Blocks 23 will learn the fundamentals of web3 entrepreneurship. The builders and founders will talk about how they personally understand the highs and lows of the industry. Others who have just started out on their adventure with web3 will benefit from hearing the lessons, mistakes, and success stories of people who have been very successful with web3.

In a series of lectures, the topics that will be discussed include the lessons that were gained from developing on web3, mastering top protocols, and keeping direction in the face of market volatility.

It will also address topics such as fundraising, deciding whether or not a product is a good match for the market, constructing a business culture that prioritizes safety, growing a community, and forming teams and cultures while working remotely. In addition, a number of hands-on workshops will be held to discuss a variety of subjects, including the establishment of sustainable tokenomic frameworks, marketing, and branding initiatives, and the management of the treasury.

“Israel has always been a builders’ hub,” said Itai Elizur, COO of MarketAcross. “Innovation is part of our DNA. Naturally, the narrative has shifted from Israel being a startup nation to a web3 nation. Tel Aviv is an ideal host as it continues to be a tech engine for a top-notch community of developers.”

Eylon Aviv, Principal at Collider, said: “We’re excited to finally be hosting a global web3 conference in Tel Aviv. Our partners from abroad have been asking us for years when we’ll be bringing an event to the city, and we’re thrilled to be able to make it happen. We can’t wait to bring together experts from around the world to share their knowledge and insights with the vibrant and dynamic blockchain community in Tel Aviv.”

Alon Muroch, CEO of SSV Network, Udi Wertheimer, a blockchain sceptic and Ethereum specialist, and several representatives from The Graph, Safe, Avalanche, AAVE, and Solidus Labs are among the confirmed guest speakers for Building Blocks 23.


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