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Over 757,000 ETH Worth $1.07 Billion Shuffled in 24 Hours After Ethereum Merge 


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Following the launch of Ethereum Merge, large volumes of ETH coins have been shuffled between cryptocurrency exchanges and unknown wallets. 

Leading cryptocurrency whale tracking service, Whale Alert, has observed the large movement of Ethereum coins in the last 24 hours. The majority of the funds were sent from one unknown wallet to the other. 

Details of the Transactions

One hour ago, a total of 50,000 Ethereum coins worth around $72.11 million, were sent from an address on the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange to an unknown cryptocurrency wallet. 

Whale Alert also observed the movement of 50,000 ETH from an unknown wallet to another anonymous Ethereum address. The funds were worth $72.23 million at the time of the transaction. 

Another 35,000 ETH ($50.87 million) were shuffled between two unknown Ethereum whales less than two hours ago. 

In a similar development, 50,000 ETH were also seen leaving an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet and the funds were worth around $72.28 million.

39,450 Ethereum valued at around $56.93 million were transferred to an anonymous wallet from an unknown wallet. 

Similarly, 39,368 ETH ($56.79 million) were shuffled between two anonymous whales, while another 100,000 ETH ($145.62 million) were also sent from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet. 

Roughly six hours ago, a total of 99,858 worth around $147.17 million were transferred between two unknown wallets, while another 109,515 ETH ($160.51 million) were also sent from an unknown wallet to another unknown wallet. Again, another 10,000 Ethereum coins worth $14.68 million were sent from an unknown wallet to an address on FTX. 

Another 10,000 ETH ($14.6 million) were transferred to OKEx from an unknown wallet.

More transactions

Aside from the mentioned transactions, Whale Alert also reported the movement of other large volumes of Ethereum. At the time of writing this line, a total of 757,018 was shuffled between unknown wallets and exchanges in the last 24 hours after the merge went live, and the funds were valued at around $1.07 billion at the current exchange rate. 

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