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Bitcoin whales and retail investors are still buying BTC at $18K


  • Bitcoin whale and retail addresses have been on the surge since the crypto began its current bull tide. 
  • Addresses holding 1,000 to 10,000 BTC have posted spikes in their total number.

Deep-pocketed and retail Bitcoin investors are still showing huge interest in holding more of the digital currency, even at the $18,000 level. Bitcoin whale addresses have been growing with every uptick in the crypto’s price. Addresses with 1,000 BTC recently reached an all-time high (ATH), while those with 10,000 BTC are closing in on the highest level. As Bitcoin continues to push its way up, many people are buying in the hope that the crypto will eventually cross its ATH.

Bitcoin whales: Addresses with 10,000 BTC nears ATH

According to new data from Santiment, a crypto analytics company, the number of Bitcoin addresses holding 10,000 BTC surged in a few days after the cryptocurrency broke past the $18,000 level. The number of these Bitcoin whales reached 114. Following Bitcoin’s current price at over $18,648 on Coinmarketcap, each whale address holds about $186.4 million. Santiment also mentioned that the number of Bitcoin whales is nearing ATH of 129.

The whale addresses with at least 1,000 BTC reached another highest level. There are currently about 2,449 Bitcoin whales holding $18.6 million each. 

Retail interest in Bitcoin

The Bitcoin rich list from Bitinfocharts shows that addresses containing between 1 to 10 Bitcoins have also increased to a total number of 665,285. Retail investors are showing keen interest in buying the cryptocurrency, according to trends on Google.

Bitcoin whales and retail investors are still buying BTC at $18K 1

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