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Bitcoin Volatility Seems To Be Lower Than Many S&P 500 Stocks



The Bitcoin volatility seems to be quite lower than many S&P500 stocks according to the indexes that we have in our BTC news.

Bitcoin was seen as volatile for quite some time but an investment management company pointed out that there’s more to this. VanEck compared BTC with stocks on the S&P500 and it looks like the Bitcoin volatility seems to be lower than the one of 112 companies on the index.  VanEck compared the number one cryptocurrency with stocks on the S&P500 and found that in the past 90 days, BTC was a better choice than the 145 stocks in the index. Bitcoin was blasted by many in the traditional finances world because of its volatility but it now seems that the story is not so simple. The company explained in a blog post:

 “While bitcoin continues to be a volatile asset, it may surprise researchers and investors as to what other major assets have been more volatile than bitcoin. Much of the volatility over the past few years can be attributed to sensitivity to small total market size, regulatory hurdles and generally limited penetration in mainstream stock and capital markets.”

The company added that one Bitcoin exchange-traded fund in the United States, doesn’t exist yet but when it does, it could show similar volatility characteristics like the stocks and ETFs. VanEck later withdrew its own application for a Bitcoin ETF. This is of course, not the first time that Bitcoin proved to be the better option than stocks. One investor even put $1000 in the top 10 crypto assets in 2019 as an experiment, and of course, he came out winning.

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As per the other Bitcoin news, Bitcoin’s network activity hits an all-time high while being caught in the intense upswing movement and buyers maintaining full control of the price action once they pushed above $19,000.  The strength of the latest push higher came once the entire market rallied in tandem which usually means that the crypto market is caught in a full-fledged bull trend. Where will BTC trend next depends on the entire market tone, Bulls could come close to its daily candle above $18,600 for it to extend the momentum in the near-term. This comes as the BTC network started growing and becoming healthier with the utilization reaching an all-time high.

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Bitcoin 7-Day Price Chart (Source: Coingecko)

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