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Bitcoin Surpasses All Time High in Canada


The bitcoin all time high has arrived in Canada where the currency rose to more than 25,300 CAD.

That’s C$100 more than the all time high of just under C$25,200 reached in December 2017.

So making Canada the first major western country to greet the NEw YEar bitcoin all time high.

It also makes Canada one of the biggest devaluer of their own money because one cad in 2017 is clearly not the same as one cad in 2020.

That’s because bitcoin’s price in dollars is close to all time high, but not quite there yet (at the time of writing).

The volatile currency just jumped to $19,500, presumably on the news the spy-chief of USA chastised SEC over their approach to cryptos by claiming it gave China an advantage, thus so effectively accusing SEC of putting national security in danger if they don’t give bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin then fell however to $19,200, with the bulls and bears so fighting it out at the gates of all time high.

While where Canada is concerned, all Canadians are now in profit even if they’re still a bit poorer than their Merican friends who despite much money printing, have their dollars still worth more than cad.

BTC/AUD, Nov 2020
BTC/AUD, Nov 2020

Canadians get to be the first to enjoy the fireworks, however, and that’s for the first time ever with it unclear whether Australians are annoyed or relieved that they go second in greeting the all time high for once.

Bitcoin is at 25,600 AUD there, just a bit less than the 25,700 AUD it reached in December 2017.

Meaning we will see their firework show soon enough too with America then most likely to take the display, followed by Europe and Landan.

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