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Bitcoin and gold to be injected with $15 trillion steroid


Bitcoin and gold to be injected with $15 trillion steroid Blockchain, Featured, Home CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption
  • $15 million to be invested in Bitcoin and gold by 2030
  • Bitcoin is superior to gold

Crypto micro investor, Dan Tapiero, has predicted that $15 trillion worth of Bitcoin and gold investment would circulate over the next ten years.

The macro investor predicted while speaking on the ‘The Pomp Podcast’ with host Anthony Pompliano. Tapiero said banks and other financial institutions would also stake 10 percent of their gold and 5 percent holdings in Bitcoin.

Tapiero also speculated that some of these financial institutions could stake more than 10 percent as speculative venture capitalists would invest around 10-15 percent of their Bitcoin and gold assets.

“That’s a huge, huge chunk – I mean 15percent of $100 trillion is $15 trillion. That could be $15 trillion to flow into [gold and Bitcoin]. Or more. I think it’ll eventually be more.”

What the future holds for Bitcoin and Gold?

Tampiero predicted a bigger future for Bitcoin over gold. The macro investor said Bitcoin was much bigger than gold and that it could be a value protocol for the internet.

He also said Bitcoin would have more impact calling it the fastest horse. Tapiero predicted that if gold worths 4,000, Bitcoin would be around 300 and 500,000.

Tapiero also questioned the constant comparison between Bitcoin and gold, stating that he has been an investor on Wall Street for 25 years. He said Bitcoin should not be called Digital Gold, noting that it is not digital gold. He likened the digital asset to the invention and discovery of electricity or a combustible engine.

He said Bitcoin is new technology while gold is old. Tapiro noted that Bitcoin could be a system that grows equal in size to the entire legacy system.

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