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Biggest Names In DeFi Invest $1.1 Million In dHEDGE


Alameda Research and Framework Ventures stand as but two of some of the biggest figures in DeFi that have opted to back dHEDGE, a decentralized asset management protocol, in its expansion.

$1.15 Million Investment Made In dHEDGE

The protocol’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), alongside the investors, have managed to invest $1.15 million into an initial team of 33 fund managers that all operate within the platform.

dHEDGE stands as a non-custodial social trading platform, one that allows its users to choose which asset manager they pool their funds with. The past trading performance of these respective asset managers are available for all to scrutinize, and is immutably uploaded within a distributed ledger. The Synthetix ecosystem is used by these managers to invest in an array of synthetic assets, in turn.

The Specific Investments

Crunching the numbers, the dHEDGE DAO contributed an impressive 651,000 sUSD, with the rest being brought in by the DeFi big players. Stretched between DeFiance Capital, Framework Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Divergence Ventures, Alameda Research, and Klein Blue Capital, 550,000 sUSD was contributed to dHEDGE.

Biggest Names In DeFi Invest $1.1 Million In dHEDGE Blockchain, Featured, Home CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption

The fund managers themselves put up funding, as well. With all of this combined, it’s expected that dHEDGE will boast more than 1.8 million sUSD, all set to be deployed in pools throughout the next weeks and days.

Biggest Names In DeFi Invest $1.1 Million In dHEDGE Blockchain, Featured, Home CoinGenius Hosts Virtual Crypto Event The Road To Mass Adoption

Henrik Andersson, a member of the dHEDGE team, gave comment about the matter at large. He highlighted how impressed the team was overall with the managers within dHEDGE’s roster, all overseeing the platform’s pools. Andersson highlighted the presence of NGC Asset Management, a South East Asian crypto investor.

Gearing For The Future Of Crypto

Alongside this, Andersson made a note of the fact that dHEDGE also hosts managers overseeing non-crypto-native, traditional asset classes. As such, Andersson is quite eager to see the platform’s growth for 2021.

Micheal Anderson stands as the co-founder of Framework Ventures, and has predicted that the DeFi space’s next phase of growth will rely on financial service professionals bringing their expertise to the space. From there, decentralized finance protocols can be demonstrated to its fullest extent.

Anderson predicts that it won’t be long before the DeFi space will cut into the centralized crypto finance space’s market share. The man got a little aggressive, describing CeFi as being the dial-up internet of the crypto space.

The investment from dHEDGE DAO is still pending approval from the various stakers of the DHT governance token. Votes are being held regarding whether or not the funds should be mobilized, with the voting ending on the 27th of November.

Source: https://insidebitcoins.com/news/biggest-names-in-defi-invest-1-1-million-in-dhedge

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