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Best Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List


Monster Hunter Rise’s recent release on Xbox and Paystation has helped spread its popularity amongst the gaming community. It also means that it has attracted new players as well. For those trying to find their footing in the monster slaying RPG, here is the best Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List

It’s important to understand regardless of where weapons are ranked in the tier list, any weapon can be utilized in Monster Hunter Rise. This means you can play with the best weapon and still lose or play with the worst weapon and still win.

S Tier

  • Dual Blades – What they lack in reach they make up for it with speed and damage. With elemental damage applied the dual blades can unleash a vicious about of combos onto monsters. For beginners, it may be hard at first to keep watch over stamina and beast mode but once practiced gamers can turn into absolute demons. Whether on the ground or dealing slash attacks in the air Dual Blade users will always be moving
  • Longsword – This kit comes with the reach and the combos to make any hunter feel like a badass. These broad swings cover a big area and have some counters to easily punish the monsters.
  • Light Bowgun– Dashing around monsters while maintaining distance, that’s the Light Bowgun summed up. This mobility puts this as one of the best-ranged weapons in the game.
  • Charge Blade– Not to be confused with the Switch Axe the energy is charged up in sword mode and can be released to deal massive damage in axe mode. This is one of the more technical weapons in the game. It’s hard to make this weapon effective if players don’t know what they’re but with practice, can be utilized successfully.

A Tier

  • Great Sword– This weapon packs a serious beating with its charge and stun capabilities. Of course, the downside to wielding this giant sword over the character’s back is little speed. The Great Sword a great potential to be a fearful weapon but only when used effectively and tactfully. Missed swings and inputs with this weapon leave the player open for attacks. When those attacks hit though they really hurt.
  • Switch Axe– Two weapons in one, an axe and a sword. The combos that can be pulled with this weapon are why it’s ranked high on the list. You can mount the monsters for flashy moves and deal a lot of damage.
  • Heavy Bowgun – While it’s able to do heavier damage, the Light Bowgun isn’t best utilized in solo hunts. It lacks the mobility to keep heads on a swivel when in active combat. Everything becomes much more trivial and difficult.

B Tier

  • Bow– The bow allows for a mobile experience making it much easier to dodge while charging up attack power. Some may believe the bow would be used as a sniper but should be considered more as a shotgun instead. Most damage should be done closer to the monster while using mobility for quick attacks and evasions.
  • Hunting Horn – A great medium to being a support and offensive character the hunting horn is an underrated weapon. Just from simply attacking music can be played to apply stat boosts and buffs to a whole hunting party. When in a group it’s also useful to have a hunting horn on the team
  • Hammer – Comparable to the Great Sword the hammer however doesn’t have as much reach nor does the same amount of damage but is more mobile. Its spin move is good for crowd control. It’s also easier to stun monsters and put them into combos.
  • Sword and Shield – The sword and shield combo is a versatile kit to have to allow you to get in quick attacks. Although the range isn’t its forte the real numbers come from its Shield Bash and Shoyugeki combo. Plus the fact that a shield will always be present is handy in out-of-control situations.
  • Insect Glaive – One of the most underwhelming weapons in the title. With the Insect Glaive, players glide through the air while commanding insects to attack the monster while getting a few hits of their own. In terms of damage, it doesn’t put up any impressive numbers.

C Tier

  • Lance – The lance is a weapon for those who just want to be the aggressor in monster-hunting situations. Essentially the lancer absorbs most of the damage and when they can get a double of jabs and pokes in. Unless players fancy being a tank the lance won’t be for you.
  • Gunlance The Gunlance has the same properties as the lance however does a lot more damage to its explosive rounds. Unlike the lance, timing is key to maximizing damage.

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