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Be An EPICBEAST: Unlock Access to Real-life Gaming, Events & More


Be An EPICBEAST: Unlock Access to Real-life Gaming, Events & More

The NFT space is abuzz with new projects as more people are taking an interest in the industry. With non-endemic buyers beginning to understand non-fungible tokens, new entrants in the space are finding ways to introduce unique projects. Among key incomers of 2022, EPICBEAST is one of the most anticipated NFT projects of the year. It is a colorful collection of 8591 unique beasts on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is inspired by popular gaming characters, which has become the primary source of its early success. EPICBEAST is coupling its unique NFTs with a growing love for gaming worldwide to build a massive community.

The project is helmed by esports entertainment company Allied Esports, owner and operator of the world’s most famous esports arena – HyperX Arena Las Vegas (@HyperXArena) – and a subsidiary of NASDAQ-listed AESE.

When people join the EPICBEAST community, they become part of the fastest-growing project and unlock access to real-life gaming, entertainment events, music, and content. EPICBEAST also has an eye on the metaverse and is working on introducing their community into the future of the internet. Those who will have a coveted EPICBEAST NFT will receive customizable merch and passive income through royalties on collectible sales, which will be launched in June.

The esports industry is meeting entertainment and the future through this project. NFT enthusiasts who want presale access to the mint can get on the BEASTLIST by joining the project’s discord. Official links and more information can be found on the EPICBEAST website.

According to the team behind EPICBEAST, NFTs will become a vital part of businesses in all industries and the time to start embracing these changes is now. EPICBEAST’s integration into the esports and gaming industry has created a mark, and the journey continues. EPICBEAST credits its growth with its ability to grow and reward the gaming communities.

“EPICBEAST is a natural extension of what we’ve been doing for the past seven years and allows us to leverage the benefits of digital ownership and the next generation of the web to create immense pride in community membership. We have incredible confidence in not only believing in our roadmap but integrating EPICBEAST holders into our future plans and success,” said Jud Hannigan, CEO of Allied Esports.

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