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Battle For Olympus Character Tier List


The Battle for Olympus is on! The newest arcade game mode in Overwatch 2 is underway and it is a showdown of legends. Seven characters have ascended to Mount Olympus but only one will walk away immortalized on Ilios. Every elimination in Battle for Olympus is one step further to getting a statue of the character who tallies the most at the end of the event. While players will want to play as their favorite character, some players will want to play a couple of games to get their daily win bonus. Not all gods are created equal in this arena battle, and here is the Battle for Olympus tier list.

Battle For Olympus Tier List
Top Gods
  • Junker Queen
  • Roadhog
  • Pharah

Zeus is here to bring the thunder and to steal away wins during this event. Junker Queen is a very strong character on every map, and just overall should be an easy choice for players looking to win their lobby. Her ultimate is devastating even before the buffs but now it gets taken to another level with every ability gaining additional lightning damage.

Roadhog may not be a god, but he sure does battle like one. Roadhog is just as obnoxious as he is in ranked matches thanks to his hook. Several maps in the rotation have pits for Hog to pull in opponents, making him even more frustrating to approach. His updated ulitmate is downright oppressive. Faster Sigma Accretions is something of nightmares.

In a game mode with four tanks, Pharah is ready to feast on those low-to-ground brawlers. Taking high ground advantage allows Pharah to quickly generate ulimate charge, and rain down missiles all game long. Since she can move during her ultimate, Pharah is much less vulnerable and much more lethal.

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Solid Contenders For the Throne
  • Lucio
  • Reinhardt

On your left. Hermes is speeding through these games and leaving people in bottom of the leaderboard. Lucio’s Olympus-themed buffs gives him plenty of firepower to compete against the rest of the field. With a two-second stun at the ready, Lucio can make slower character’s life a real pain. A well timed Sound Barrier can easily shake up long engagements as well, making Lucio a premier choice for support players looking to duke it out.

Reinhardt is a monster in the arena. Not only is it just blast to charge off of cooldown, but more often than not it is the correct way to zoom around the map. Players don’t really even need to shield much in this game mode. It is just swinging all the way. Rein players will love being able to have so much more free rein over the map.

Gonna be Tough to Top 3
  • Ramattra
  • Widowmaker

Poseidon and Medusa are definitely powerful fighters but they do have a bit of trouble keeping up with the competition. Ramattra in particular feels a bit tough to pilot in an environment filled with tankier enemies. There aren’t many squishy characters for Ramattra to punch, making half of his kit a bit weak. However his ultimate is more terrifying than normal which gives him a leg up in chaotic skirmishes.

Widowmaker is a very hit or miss character. In the right hands, Widow is a menace. Though just like in ranked play, a bad Widowmaker is almost invisible. Her ultimate might be one of the best in the game, but getting there can be a herculean feat. Leave sniping to the professionals if you’re looking to win the lobby.

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