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Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Nexus Mods To Download


Baldur’s Gate 3 has been released to the public for a couple of weeks now. That being said, so have mods for the title and more are being created at this very moment. Playing the base game alone is a satisfying experience in itself, however, adding mods to that experience can make things not only more enjoyable, but immersive and accessible as well. Given the sheer amount of mods available, this list will only go over the essential ones that you need first. These are the best Baldur’s Gate 3 Nexus mods you should download.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 Nexus Mods

Some of these mods have prerequisites that must be installed first. Those won’t be included on this list, but Nexus will let you know ahead of time what they are before you download, if any.

Basket Full of Equipment. NSFW Version Included

The Basket Full of Equipment mod adds almost one thousand pieces of new armor and equipment, mainly for humanlike races. It also includes NSFW content such as nude, topless, and skimpy armor for those in a spicy mood. While all of these items have unique visuals, all of them have identical stats. The Basket outfits can also be worn by any class at any level. The stats on the base armor change as you level up so you can wear whatever you want.

5e Spells

The 5e spells mod adds and modifies a number of unimplemented spells into the game. This gives you access to even more spells that you can use that come primarily from the DnD 5e’s Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything source material. None of these spells prove to be game-breaking or overpowered and act as a nice substitute.

Tav’s Hair Salon

Not a fan of the base hairstyles in the game? Tav’s Hair Salon is a mod that creates new hairstyles for you to choose from for your character. A lot of them are really pretty and gorgeous. Most of these hairstyles are for humans, elves, half-elves, drows, tieflings, and body type one builds.

Party Limit Begone

The Party Limit Begone mod is exactly what it sounds like, it’s a mod that removes a party limit from the game. You can now bring 16 different companions with you on your adventure. Just be wary of how many you bring with you as it can take away the difficult aspect of BG3. The best part about this mod is that it also works for multiplayer play as well and it raises the multiplayer party cap to eight people.

New Character Creation Presets WIP

New Character Creation Presets WIP is amazing for those who find character creation addicting. It adds new presets for the character creator giving more options to choose from. This mod is a work in progress so there are bound to be a few visual issues present. Regardless it works splendidly.

Bags Bags Bags

Every single Baldur’s Gate 3 player needs this mod. Most of the time on your adventure you will pick up items constantly. Too many to the point where you’ll be full. With the Bags Bags Bags mod, you can save space by using different bags to store items. It has 21 new containers (many featuring autostack) to help you organize your inventory. The containers are available for purchase from vendors in all three acts.

WASD Character Movement

To some, a point-and-click adventure might not be immersive enough for them. The WASD Character Movement Mod allows players to walk around with the WASD keys. The mod itself is useful for those who don’t want to point and click everywhere and just want to follow their character around. It’s pretty useful and a nice mod to have.

Enhanced Nude Bodies

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your gameplay experience in a spicy way if that’s your playstyle so don’t feel bad. The Enhanced Nude Bodies mod enhances the nude bodies of female characters by increasing their breast size, thighs, and buttocks. Baldur’s Gate 3 is a title that’s about playing how you want to play and creating your ideal character. Sometimes it takes a mod or two to reach that image.

Fast XP

The Fast XP mod does what it says, it gives you XP fast. You have two choices where you can get double XP for the whole game, or reach level 6 very fast and then progress as normal. While this mod can be used right off the bat for any playthrough, it’s especially helpful for those who are starting a new playthrough and don’t want to grind for levels all over again.

Fantastical Multiverse

Fantastical Multiverse is one of the biggest Baldur’s Gate 3 Nexus mods ever created. This mod adds a total of 54 fantastical races to the game, from 5th Edition & One D&D. Each of these races has their own backstories written for them from their source material and are all customizable. For a true immersive DND experience, this mod is necessary to have.

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