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Australia’s Judo Bank Has Gone Live With Backbase – Fintech Singapore


Australian neobank Judo Bank has partnered with digital banking software provider Backbase to create new digital experiences for its small and medium (SME) business banking and term deposit customers.

Backbase’s Engagement Banking Platform (EBP) will enable Judo to release additional features on a monthly basis going forward.

Uniquely focused on SMEs, Judo Bank has grown its lending book to over US$9 billion and a deposit book over US$6 billion with over 35,000 customers since inception.

Lisa Frazier

Lisa Frazier

Lisa Frazier, Judo Bank’s Chief Operating Officer said,

“Through our partnership with Backbase, we have enhanced our high-tech, high-touch model, further empowering SME business owners with digital experiences related to their Judo portfolio.

Partnering with Backbase enables us to deliver a superior digital experience to our customer base cost effectively with the build of the platform taking just on a year.”

Iman Ghodosi

Iman Ghodosi

Iman Ghodosi, Managing Director, ANZ, Backbase said,

“The power of the Backbase EBP lies in its ability to provide the composable fabric, modularity, and options to banks, freeing them from the burden of building everything themselves.

With Backbase EBP as their foundation, Judo Bank can confidently navigate the market, leverage its capabilities, and drive their unique value proposition to new heights.”

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