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As Amazon Stock Tanks, Bezos Makes Jokes


What is happening to our world? Not only is the stock market in free fall (again), but Jeff Bezos appears to have been infected by a Musk-like bug that causes business executives to lose their inhibitions on social media. Today, for instance, as Amazon stock was dropping 7%, the Amazon founder was tweeting about how he’s been working hard on his “ass.” You could say Bezos is no longer laser-focused on Amazon’s business. But then that’s been evident for a while.

And sure, he’s no longer CEO of Amazon, but he’s still supposed to be executive chair of the company. Bezos could have spent time today tweeting on more sober topics. For instance, if he was monitoring the retail sector, he couldn’t fail to miss Target’s market-shaking quarterly earnings report, which emphasized rising costs and consumer anxiety. Or Bezos might have noticed New York state’s lawsuit against Amazon, alleging that it discriminates against pregnant employees and workers with disabilities. Not a good look for the e-commerce giant. 

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