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AR Rahman Launches KATRAAR in Partnership With HBAR Foundation


  • AR Rahman teases the launch of KAATRAR.
  • The new music platform will combine the power of web3 with NFTs and metaverse.
  • The platform was launched in collaboration with HBAR Foundation.

Music maestro and philanthropist AR Rahman teased his new music platform, called KATRAAR. The musical platform is an exclusive one that will help to promote new music creations, art forms, and artists in a decentralized way.

Rahman announced the launch of the platform on his official YouTube channel three days ago. KATRAAR is launched in collaboration with the HBAR Foundation. The team of experts at HBAR will help ramp up Rahman’s new music platform to the next level.

KATRAAR, according to the website’s details, is an exclusive platform that will help to promote new artists, new creations, and other art forms. The platform utilizes decentralized technology to bring together music lovers and the artist community.

As stated by Rahman in the video, the platform will also help create a long-term sustainable revenue model for upcoming talents. He stated in the video that “Katraar” in the Tamil language stands for a group of learned, wise people who can change the world. The logo also depicts robotic arms that hold an ancient palm script.

Katraar” means a group of learned people, is also a tradition and has wisdom, fusion, and vision.

Rahman stated that the platform will aid in the recruitment of new talent and technologies, as well as the generation of direct revenue to support emerging technologies. He also said that Katraar would bridge the new and the old.

The collaboration with the HBAR Foundation will help Katraar bring in a lot of NFTs, which are rare and unique in music, art, and storytelling, according to Rahman. He also hinted at an undisclosed project that will have virtual beings, probably hinting at a metaverse project.

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