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Apex Legends Fuse Heirloom Leaked?


Apex Legends is full of rascals who love to play certain Legends. Many main a very fun Legends named Fuse and have been hoping that he would receive his Heirloom soon. It would seem as though that will be happening shortly as his Heirloom has leaked. Here is the source and what players can expect from teh Apex Legends Fuse Heirloom.

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Apex Legends Fuse Heirloom

This heirloom will have Fuse mains getting very excited while maybe those who have been thinking about giving him a try may be convinced. The Apex Legends Fuse Heirloom looks like it is going to be an electric guitar. Check out the Reddit link below to see more.

This is definitely an interesting Heirloom. While Fuse has been shown playing a guitar before, due to his obsession with explosions, one may have thought something more along those lines would have been the heirloom. That being said this electric guitar looks great and should help Fuse players shred through their opponents.

Apex Legends Heirlooms

Heirlooms were added as ways to give Legends a bit more character, and as a way to help Respawn make some more money. The items all have the same function as the melee attack but they definitely add a new aesthetic for the player.

Nearly every Legend has one now as well. There are some newer Legends that are still in line to get one but it looks like they should be all caught up here in the next year or two with how they have been releasing them.

Lastly, Fuse’s guitar is not the only musical instrument of sorts. Lifeline also has drumsticks. Could this be the beginning of an Apex Legends band?

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