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Announcing Projector — A Startup I’ve Been Excited to Tell You About for Years



Announcing Projector — A Startup I’ve Been Excited to Tell You About for Years

A few years ago I spent time in prison with Trevor O’Brien, the founder of Projector. Yes, I always imagined announcing the company that way. We were of course there to work with incarcerated men on developing entrepreneurial skills on behalf of Defy Ventures. We had met previously when Trevor was a product manager at YouTube and Upfront had funded the largest video producer on YouTube, Maker Studios.

When we got out of prison Trevor began describing the startup he and his co-founder, Jeremy Gordon, wanted to build. They had worked together as senior product manager and senior engineering leads at Twitter and identified a problem they saw in visual communication of information. They teamed up to solve this problem and when I heard about their approach it completely resonated with me. Upfront immediately wrote a check to back this vision and we later teamed up with their former colleague from Twitter turned VC, Rishi Garg of Mayfield and we’ve stayed quiet on what we were up to.

The vision is Projector, announced today on TechCrunch — you can sign up if you want to try the service. The mission for the company is to to help people communicate clearly and memorably using visual information. Initially that means a creative, collaborative toolset for visual communications, allowing users to develop really compelling slides, print materials or social media posts that are more visually compelling and easier-to-build for those who aren’t naturally gifted as visual story tellers. Over time we will roll out features the help you to understand the full vision of where we will take visual collaboration.

Why does this resonate so much with me?

I believe that the fundamental nature of getting buy-in from organizations to make complex decisions involves visual storytelling. This is certainly true in how startups raise money from VCs. It is true in how founders share progress and issues with boards. It is how sales reps talk to prospects about their products & services to try and gain buy-in for a sale. And it is true in how speakers stand in front of audiences and take them on a journey to buy into a vision of the speaker.

We know that good visual storytelling can be persuasive and we know that it is also important to retaining key information after a presentation has been completed or a report has been shared.

Yet as somebody who has to read and write decks as a major portion of his job I can tell you that most people struggle with how to tell stories visually and when I need to do it I am aware of how difficult the modern toolsets make it to do this alone, let alone collaboratively. Today, marketers and creative agencies have their work in Keynote/Powerpoint/Slides for presentations, inDesign for PDF reports, other Adobe products for other social media posts and video, iMovie and FinalCutPro for video. And most of these tools are created for designers and aren’t accessible for the wider group of marketers, sales people, agencies and speakers who are actually trying to tell stories.

Projector sets out to simplify this process greatly with one tool & interface for all your visual communication while making your output significantly better by baking great design into your work as you complete it.

What are some examples?

  • You know when you want to grab an image off of the web and you can’t quite size it so that it fits in Keynote or Powerpoint? Yeah, this sucks. You stretch photos or you can’t tell which part of the photo will be included or not included.
  • You want to take said photo and make it blurred or lightened so your words pop? You can do that in Keynote but good luck finding the feature buried in 5 clicks of obscurity.
  • Take a photo and make images rounded as the photo at the bottom of this blog post is? A piece of cake in Projector.
  • Think of time spent outlining presentations and swapping online and offline notes with co-authors before you even start building. Projector gives you dedicated space for real-time collaborative notes with colleagues on both logic and design, all in the same tool.
  • We communicate with our friends and family using videos, Gifs, images, texts all in one app. Why don’t our work tools offer the same modern communication style? Projector lets you layer all types of media together.
  • Want to preview your presentation on social media? Get ready to spend an hour building a whole new visual for the specific Instagram format — or use Projector to quickly resize and export.

I built a few presentations in Projector and began to forget that I was natively building in my browser because it became so seamless as though I had just fired up a local app.

We know that apps are fully moving to the cloud. Just as we use Google Docs for writing or AirTable for spreadsheets, the world finally has an amazing in-browser tool for visual presentations. We are launching the simple feature set version with perfection in the tasks one needs to complete most often and watch for a fast-follow as we layer on full collaboration and integration with other products you know and love. I can’t wait to see where this journey goes.

I hope you’ll give it a try and let us know what you think!

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New Cardano Roadmap Puts March 2021 Date For Goguen Mainet Rollout



IOHK fired up the Cardano community by releasing details of the Goguen roadmap yesterday. After the successful rollout of Shelley, many look to Goguen as the final hurdle before challenging Ethereum on level ground.

The roadmap puts the Goguen mainnet launch at around March 2021. Considering the frequent delays to Shelley, this represents an ambitious but welcome call.

Cardano Goguen roadmap


Cardano Gunning For Ethereum

Goguen is a significant leap forward in the capabilities of the Cardano network. With it comes the ability to build decentralized applications and a whole host of other features, including a multi-asset ledger.

Developers, IOHK have gone to great lengths to cater to both technical and non-technical users. This will see the use of a new smart contract language in Plutus. It gives programmers a smart contract platform with functionality built into, or “native” to, the ledger itself.

“It also allows one code base to support both on and off-chain components, improving the coherency and usability of the development experience compared with existing smart contract implementations.”

This contrasts with Ethereum’s ERC-20 “contract standard,” which works through copy-pasting proforma code and modifying it to fit requirements.

There are several advantages to Plutus, including wider interoperability with other smart contracts. But the critical difference is that Goguen allows for smart contracts to be written in different languages. In comparison, Ethereum smart contracts use Solidity only.

As well as that, there’s Marlowe, a high-level domain specific language (DSL) built on top of Plutus. It will enable everyday people with no technical expertise to create smart contracts. Cardano hopes this will cultivate a new class of enterprise-level smart contract development with real-world use.

Who Is Jumping The Ethereum Ship?

IOHK released Goguen’s details via the Cardano Development October Update hosted by Marketing & Communications Director Tim Harrison.

The update included a section on the up and coming ERC-20 converter, which encourages Ethereum ERC-20 projects to port over to Cardano.

During the broadcast, Vukašin Vukoje, the former COO of Tenderly, an Ethereum monitoring platform, demonstrated using the ERC-20 converter. It showed options for converting BAT, DAI, AGI, USDC, and USDT.

“There are three ways in which our partner can convert their tokens. The first one would be by airdropping on the destination network, basically cloning the token. The second one would be by burning the token on the source network and creating one on the destination network. And the third one would be by locking the token on the source network and releasing it on the destination network.”

Cardano erc-20 conveter screenshot


SingularityNET CEO Ben Goertzel has already spoken about his reasons for moving AGI tokens from Ethereum to other blockchains.

But the real surprise was the inclusion of DAI, USDC, and USDT. What’s more, as stablecoins, does this give insight into Cardano’s DEX ambitions?

The end of Q1 2021 represents a pivotal period in Cardano’s development. Not only is Goguen scheduled for rollout, but IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson estimates the network will be fully decentralized by then as well.

Cardano daily chart

Source: ADAUST on


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Crypto Exchange FTX Launches Bitcoin Pairs for Wall Street Stocks Like Tesla, Apple, Amazon



Crypto derivatives exchange FTX will give cryptocurrency traders the opportunity to trade tokenized shares of major companies like Apple Inc. and Amazon. The so-called fractional stocks will soon be available on the company’s platform.

Tokenized Shares To Some Of The Biggest

As per a recent report, FTX will be partnering with German financial firm CM Equity AG and Swiss-based Digital Assets AG. The cooperation aims to offer traders the so-called fractional stocks – about twelve stock/crypto pairs that will be traded on FTX’s platform.

Alongside additions like Apple Inc. and Amazon, the list of company stocks includes Netflix Inc., Facebook Inc., Tesla Inc., and the SPDR S&P 500 exchange-traded fund.

According to the news report, FTX’s move is part of a more intense urge towards the cryptocurrency industry to popularize securities token listings.

Reportedly, the new token additions will target investors who find it hard or inconvenient to access a variety of stocks via traditional markets.

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, said:

“For a lot of people, it’s a hassle” to access stocks. There are ways to do it, but they feel very much old and clunky. Giving people access broadens out what you can trade.”

He also added that the tokens will behave much like a depositary receipt or an exchange-traded fund (ETF). Investors can trade them on FTX but will have to cash them out because of the underlying security via CM Equity, which holds the actual securities.

Reportedly, there will be no management fees for holding the tokens. Trading fees will remain, though. The launch will go live shortly after the beginning of the registration on Thursday. Traders in the U.S. and FTX’s other restricted jurisdictions won’t be able to trade the newly added tokens.

Delivering Different Trading Opportunities

FTX is known for launching products that are rather different than those on other traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. It was one of the first venues to launch an index on Uniswap coins back when the DeFi boom was all the rage on the crypto market.

As CryptoPotato reported, recently, the company launched a Uniswap futures index combining the top 100 pools on the Uniswap platform. The project offered traders to employ a traditional digital asset exchange to access markets through the decentralized trading platform.


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Crypto Markets Shed $10 Billion in Hours as Bitcoin Loses $400 (Market Watch)



After a sharp price jump towards $13,650 intraday, Bitcoin has retraced and trades around $13,200. The alternative coins continue to bleed out, and the total market capitalization has dropped below $390 billion.

Bitcoin To $13,650 And Back On ECB Stimulus News

Following the latest 2020 high, Bitcoin got rejected and lost nearly $1,000 of value in hours a few days ago. Since then, the asset has been struggling with the $13,000 level.

After another dip below it, BTC went on a roll yesterday. This resulted in a daily high of almost $13,700 (on Bitstamp). Interestingly, the impressive price increase came shortly after the European Central Bank said that it could seek a new stimulus package in December.

“The Governing Council will recalibrate its instruments, as appropriate, to respond to the unfolding situation and to ensure that financing conditions remain favorable to support the economic recovery and counteract the negative impact on the pandemic on the projected inflation path.”

More impactful news came from the US. The jobless claims fell to a 7-month low – a level not registered since before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Wall Street also felt the positive effects. The three most prominent US stock indexes closed Thursday’s trading session in the green. However, the futures contracts have dropped after hours.

Bitcoin has mimicked the stocks’ performance, but being a 24/7- traded asset, it started dropping shortly after Wall Street closed doors. BTC has lost about $450 and currently sits around $13,200.

BTCUSD. Source: TradingView
BTCUSD. Source: TradingView

Blood On The Altcoins Street

The situation within the alternative coin market is unfavorable, to say the least. As the graph below demonstrates, all alternative coins are in the red on a 24-hour scale.

Ethereum struggles with $380 after a 2.4% drop. Ripple’s near 4% decline has taken XRP beneath $0.24. Bitcoin Cash (-2.2%), Binance Coin (-7%), Chainlink (-6%), Polkadot (-9%), Cardano (-9%) have all lost significant chunks of value from the top ten coins.

Cryptocurrency Market Overview. Source: Quantify Crypto
Cryptocurrency Market Overview. Source: Quantify Crypto

Further losses come from the lower and mid-cap altcoins. Reserve Rights has dropped by 20%, Yearn.Finance by 17.5%, and Synthetix Network Token by (-17%).

Other double-digit price declines are evident from Ampleforth (-16.7%), ABBC Coin (-16.7%), Ocean Protocol (-16.5%), Compound (-14.5%), Band Protocol (-14%), Algorand (-13%), Ren (-13%), and more.

The total market capitalization has seen $10 billion evaporate in a day and $20 billion in two days.

Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization. Source: CoinMarketCap
Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization. Source: CoinMarketCap

Binance Futures 50 USDT FREE Voucher: Use this link to register & get 10% off fees and 50 USDT when trading 500 USDT (limited offer).

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Cryptocurrency charts by TradingView.


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