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All Valorant ranks: Valorant rank distribution explained


With the launch of VALORANT, there are a lot of people who have migrated over to play it. Whether that be from its direct competitor Counter-Strike, another Riot game in League of Legends or just because it looks fun, people have started playing it from many different areas. They will continue to do so and are probably wanting to play more competitively. Here is a look at All the different VALORANT Ranks and a quick explanation of them.

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All Valorant Ranks

Below are All Valorant Ranks in order.

  1. Iron 1
  2. Iron 2
  3. Iron 3
  4. Bronze 1
  5. Bronze 2
  6. Bronze 3
  7. Silver 1
  8. Silver 2
  9. Silver 3
  10. Gold 1
  11. Gold 2
  12. Gold 3
  13. Platinum 1
  14. Platinum 2
  15. Platinum 3
  16. Diamond 1
  17. Diamond 2
  18. Diamond 3
  19. Ascendant 1
  20. Ascendant 2
  21. Ascendant 3
  22. Immortal 1
  23. Immortal 2
  24. Immortal 3
  25. Radiant

All Valorant Rank Distribution Explained

Below is a picture of the Valorant Rank Distributions that should explain where most players are. This will not ultimately come as a major surprise but it will be looked at in depth. These are courtesy of Esports Tales using the Riot Games API.

This is a nice bell curve. Something that most developers will be looking for when making a competitive game. If they have way too many players at higher ranks then generally there is a problem.

As one can see, the majority of players are between Iron 3 and Gold 1. They make up a little less than 62% of the player population. There are 25 ranks with eight of them having nearly three of every five players.

Radiant is clearly the hardest to get to as most professional players are at that rank along with players who are just extremely good at Valorant.

Finally, Iron 1 is one the lowest amount of players which is definitely not a bad thing considering just playing should get most people out of that range.

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