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All League of Legends Coven 2023 Skins


The League of Legends devs love to go back to older skin lines. Specifically, ones that they believe they can enhance or add something meaningful to. The Coven skins are seemingly next on the list to get another round of skins and these ones are looking good. Here is a list of All of the League of Legends Coven 2023 Skins.

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League of Legends Coven 2023 Skins

This will be updated with Splash Arts or models once they are available. Most of this comes from some leaks along with the officially released teaser video.

Coven Akali

Coven Elise

Coven Syndra

Coven Nami

Coven Nilah

Old God Mordekaiser

Coven Teaser Trailer

There are some debates for whether that is Mordekaiser or Bel’Veth in the background. Truthfully, it looks more like Bel’Veth than Mordekaiser. The issue is that Bel’Veth just received a new skin. That makes it very unlikely that she would receive one only a patch or two later. To have Mordekaiser as a part of the “Old Gods” is much less of a surprise and truly a welcome one as he continues to get new skins.

Other than that, these new Coven skins look excellent. They are hitting some of the champions with the most skins, but for additions to a skin line, this is not a major surprise. Also since they are a Coven, they are hitting the witchy feels which means all of the characters, aside from the “Old Gods” in Mordekaiser, are female-identifying.

With the teaser, a full release should be coming out soon. Make sure to look out for the official announcement as this article will be updated.

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