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AEX Crypto Exchange to Sell Traditional Assets


  1. AEX to sell the future box office income rights of film and television series.
  2. A third-party law firm and a third-party management company will be responsible for transfer of rights associated to the project.
  3. Customer is expected to sign equity of contract with his real name.

Following a temporary halt in coin withdrawals, the AEX cryptocurrency exchange has declared its intention to liquidate traditional assets such as future box office income and television series rights. Among these conventional assets are the rights to collect such gains. It has been stated that a third-party law firm and a third-party management company would be responsible for the transfer of certain of the rights associated with the project to creditors at a discount of 20–40%.

As per the reports by the AEX website, the premise of the participation is that the customer is supposed to sign the equity of the contract with his real name; this is after the applicant has filled out the investor questionnaire and has quallified and sends a specified amount of AUSD to the black hole address for destruction according to the rules to obtain the qualification for snapping up. When each project is released, The AUSD required for destruction will be separately agreed upon in the project announcement.

The terms and conditions of participation will be decided upon by the impartial organization and the centralized account. Studies indicate that the first project will be presented sometime around the middle of January and that each design will make it possible for anything from one to forty-nine individuals to take part in the experiment.

For concerns pertaining to the contract, including the customer’s exit from this project and final participation, the account manager may be contacted. If there are more than 49 participants, the winner will be the one whose AUSD is burned the earliest. Approximately once or twice a month, new projects will be made available for consumers to join.

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