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According to a report, Scaramucci is the front-runner for the Silicon Valley Bank’s venture capital unit.


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Anthony Scaramucci’s SkyBridge Capital emerges as a prominent contender among the asset management firms vying for the acquisition of Silicon Valley Bank’s venture capital division, with the impending sale anticipated in the forthcoming weeks. SVB Financial Group, formerly the parent entity of Silicon Valley Bank, is inching closer to finalizing an agreement that would entail the divestiture of its venture capital arm, SVB Capital. As per a report dated September 15th from the Wall Street Journal, citing sources privy to the matter, the bidding process’s concluding stages witness a fierce competition between Anthony Scaramucci’s SkyBridge Capital and Atlas Merchant Capital, alongside San Francisco-based Vector Capital. Insiders contend that SVB’s venture capital wing could potentially change hands for a sum ranging from $250 million to $500 million. However, it is imperative to note that a definitive transaction remains uncertain and would necessitate scrutiny by the creditor’s committee. A verdict on the sale’s fate is expected to materialize in the impending weeks. Noteworthy is the fact that SVB Capital remained exempt from SVB’s overarching Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. The bank purportedly asserted that the division would continue its “ordinary course operation” despite its listing for sale. SVB Capital serves as an investment capital platform engaged in a diverse array of investments, including endorsements of major Silicon Valley venture capital entities such as Sequoia and Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). As of December 2022, SVB Capital boasted assets amounting to $9.5 billion, distributed across 20 funds and encompassing 760 companies, including blockchain analytics service provider Chainalysis. In contrast, SkyBridge Capital, under the stewardship of Scaramucci, oversees approximately $1.8 billion in assets. A noteworthy portion of this sum, approximately $580 million, is allocated to cryptocurrencies and other digital asset-related investments. Cointelegraph reached out to both SkyBridge Capital and SVB Capital for commentary but received no response at the time of publication. This year, Silicon Valley Bank faced regulatory intervention from California’s financial oversight authority, leading to its shutdown on March 10th and subsequent bankruptcy filing on March 17th. Prior to its demise, Silicon Valley Bank stood as one of the few institutions extending banking services to crypto enterprises in the United States. SVB met its downfall alongside other banks with a crypto and tech-friendly orientation, including Signature Bank and Silvergate Bank, marking it as a pivotal event reminiscent of the banking crisis of 2008. In a separate development earlier this year, SVB Financial’s investment banking wing, SVB Securities, underwent a transaction that saw its founder, Jeff Leerink, and other senior executives acquire the unit for a sum of $100 million.

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