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9z stun FURIA in debut with new AWPer


FURIA have fallen to the elimination match in Group D in the Roobet Cup following a stunning loss to South American side 9z, who headed into the event fresh off bringing in a new AWPer in nqz and had already been by far the lowest-ranked team in attendance.

David “⁠dav1d⁠” Tapia Maldonado & co. pulled off the big upset in large part thanks to an impressive comeback on Overpass, where at first it looked like FURIA would stroll to a comfortable victory before 9z brought back the opening map from an 8-15 deficit.

9z secure a monumental upset to kick off their Roobet Cup run

Several highlight plays from Franco “⁠dgt⁠” Garcia and dav1d on defense, including a 1v2 clutch from the latter at 11-15, saw 9z force overtime, where they went on to lock down the opener after two sets, again finding success mainly on the CT side, with dgt ending the map with a 1.42 rating.

Inferno followed with the underdogs taking early control of the map and putting FURIA under pressure, before the Andrei “⁠arT⁠” Piovezan-led side had a late resurgence in the first half to make it a close affair. Forcebuy wars ensued at the beginning of the second half, with 9z coming out on top and using the momentum to shut down the series before FURIA could respond, as the newest addition nqz led the way with an impressive 25-10 scoreline.

FURIA are now on the brink of elimination and are set to face Outsiders in a match for their tournament life at the Roobet Cup, while 9z head into the winners’ match against forZe.


South America

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  • Source: https://www.hltv.org/news/34115/9z-stun-furia-in-debut-with-new-awper

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