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5 Most Popular NFT Artists You Should Know About


The NFT Art space saw tremendous growth during 2021’s bull run, with some digital art pieces auctioning for tens of millions of dollars.

Some NFT artists have become quite popular in recent years, with a huge following. Artists like Beeple and Pak have their works auctioned by prestigious auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

Let’s look at some of the most popular NFT artists:

1. Mike Winkelmann, AKA Beeple

Mike Winkelmann, who goes by the artist name Beeple, is a graphic designer, digital artist, and animator from South Carolina, USA. He became the centre of attention following a historic sale at Christie’s auction house.

His artwork titled “Everydays: The First 5000 Days,” which sold for $69,346,250.00, was primarily responsible for drawing mainstream media attention to NFT art. This was also the first time a well-known auction house sold digital art and accepted cryptocurrencies as payment.

Beeple uses pop culture figures as references in his artwork to make political and social commentary.

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2. PAK

Pak, an anonymous digital artist, is regarded as a godfather in the NFT art community. He has been active in the digital artwork scene for the past two decades and remains anonymous to this day, despite being the highest-grossing artist.

His artwork, “Merge,” sold for $91.8 million in December 2021, becoming the most expensive collection in the world of NFTs to date. His other notable works include “Censored,” a two-part NFT collection to support the imprisoned Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.

Pak has also launched a platform named “Burn.Art,” which allows users to burn NFTs in exchange for ASH tokens. One of the benefits of owning this token is having exclusive access to Pak’s selected NFT drops.


The London-based pseudonymous digital artist, XCOPY, has been making waves in the NFT art scene for quite some time. He creates glitched digital artworks that mainly depict death, dystopia, and indifference.

His “All Time High in the City” piece sold for $1,987,556. XCOPY’s recent collection, ‘Max Pain’ made a whopping $23 million in just 10 minutes. His notable works include Right-click and Save As Guy, Grifters, and Frens.

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4. Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs is a graphic and generative designer who typically works with algorithms, plotters, and paint. His artworks are based on algorithmic aesthetics and explore the interaction of computer software and hardware with the natural world.

His artwork, ‘Dandelion Wist’ sold for nearly $17 million. Tyler’s notable works include Fidenza, a series of 999 algorithmically generated artworks.

Tyler Hobbs
Source: Artynft

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5. Dmitri Cherniak

Dmitri Cherniak is most known for his Ringers generative art collection. He focuses on abstract and geometric concepts, with some collections featuring bright colours and others in black and white. His artworks evoke the essence of the classic modern art movement while still having a futuristic, digital edge.

Dmitri Cherniak 
Source: Medium

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