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3 Patriot Deck Lists To Try Out in Marvel Snap


There’s nothing quite like opening up a card that screams “build around me”. It happens in Magic, it happens in Hearthstone, and it’s happening once again in Marvel Snap. A card that particularly caught my eye was Patriot, a card that is both simple and very powerful. Buffing friendly cards is typically a very strong strategy but picking the right cards to fill up around Patriot can be a tricky task. Of course, some players won’t have every card available in Marvel Snap, so here are just a few Patriot deck lists that players can give a try.

Super Budget Patriot

Deck List: Squirrel Girl, Misty Knight, Angela, Mister Sinister, Shocker, Patriot, Storm, Cyclops, The Thing, Blue Marvel, Abomination, Hulk

– Only need to unlock Patriot from a box or buy in the shop. Every other card is unlocked by playing.
– Easy to pilot
– Typically good for climbing

– One dimensional
– Tough to battle against On-Reveal decks
– Loses to Enchantress

At it’s core, Super Budget Patriot is a simple deck. It has one hyper focused game plan and it does it well. It is a solid deck that doesn’t require much work to pilot – just play cards on curve and let Patriot buff them all up. Blue Marvel serves as the “backup” Patriot in a sense as it also increases the power of all of the other cards.

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Hulk and Abomination are the one-two punch to end the game if you need to just lock down a lane. With Patriot they become some of the strongest cards at their energy level with zero down side. Storm is just a solid card that removes negative affects from a lane that may hinder your winning strategy. The deck is basic, but it gets the job done and should be a great list for those in lower CLs.

Patriot Zoo

Deck List: Squirrel Girl, Misty Knight, Shocker, Patriot, Brood, Debrii, Mystique, Cosmo, Kazar, Blue Marvel, Doctor Doom, Ultron

– Great winning multiple locations at the end of a game
– Doesn’t live or die by having Patriot
– Admittedly, it’s pretty fun to watch robots fly across the screen

– A bit expensive/specific card driven
– Must play around Killmonger on turn six.
– A lot math

This is one deck that I have personally played a ton and have just missed out on breaking 90 in past seasons. The list is a blast to play, and it always fees like you’re in the game. The plan is still relatively straightforward, but this list gives you plenty of more angles of attack. Brood and Debrii create more bodies than Mister Sinister, with Debrii doing a additional job of disrupting the opponent’s board.

Ultron and Doctor Doom are the end game cards that you’ll pretty much always slam on turn six. Doom is great for those moments that both boards are pretty filled, and a couple of 7-powered Doombots will do the trick. Though more often than not, it will be Ultron that ends the game for some positive cubes.

One big issue with this list is the amount of things players need to play around. Namely on the last turn of the game, people will often save their Killmonger for the last turn of the game to ensure that all those little robots are gone. Cosmo also is a bit of a tricky card to work around, but having your own means you know where to not play your On-Reveal cards.

Surfer Patriot

Deck List: Squirrel Girl, Misty Knight, Rogue, Patriot, Brood, Debrii, Mystique, Cosmo, Silver Surfer Wong, Kazar, Sera

– Explosive end game plays
– Get to play best cards in the game

– Juggle a lot of combo pieces
– Very little protection

If you’ve spent some time grinding the ranked ladder, then you’ll be familiar with the menace that is Silver Surfer. Last season’s featured card is powerful alone and better when the deck is active before turn six as well. Silver Surfer and Patriot are cards that pair well with one another, even if it doesn’t look like it on the surface. Patriot buffs plenty of the cards that players will assume are just Surfer support cards.

The deck also allows itself to have a couple angles of attack, not necessarily needing both Silver Surfer and Patriot in any given game. This deck just contains a lot of raw power that players will see quickly after a few games of running it.

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